1 Year Since Graduation – What have I done since?

I was looking at the calendar today, and realized that is has now been one year since I graduated from college back in Wisconsin. It feels like it has been a lot longer than a year for some reason. Anyways, I decided to come up with some key things I have done since then to sort of give myself an idea of what I have done and where I hope to keep moving towards.

So here are some of the major things I have done over the last year:

Left Wisconsin

-    Graduated with a Web Design Degree
-    Finished my 1 Year Internship
-    Said goodbye to all my friends and family

Moved to Honolulu

-    Visited Maui (Twice)
-    Visited Big Island
-    Surfed in Waikiki
-    Climbed Diamondhead Crater
-    Celebrated the 4th of July at Ala Moana Beach
-    Snorkeled at Hanauma Bay
-    Visited the North Shore
-    Ate the famous Hawaiian Shave Ice
-    Worked at a Health Insurance Company for 6 months

Moved to Phoenix

-    Created LifeofJustin.com
-    Bought a new car
-    Climbed Camelback Mountain
-    Went to the top of South Mountain
-    Celebrated New Years at the Fiesta Bowl Block Party
-    Was a cast member in a reality TV show
-    Was a cast member of an infomercial for a health product
-    Went to P Diddy’s Superbowl Party
-    Worked at a large University for 6 months

Went to Flagstaff

-    Sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon
-    Went Sledding on the Snow Bowl with a pool raft

Went to Sedona

-    Saw the Red Rocks

Went to Las Vegas

-    Partied VIP style at Club Pure
-    Stood on the Ledge of the Hoover Dam

Went to Los Angeles (Twice)

-    Partied with Foreigners at the Hollywood Hostel
-    Hiked to the Hollywood Sign
-    Went to Santa Monica Pier
-    Drank in the parking lot at USC

Went to San Diego

-    Swam at Imperial Beach
-    Went to Coronado island

Now the real question is: what do I want to do and accomplish in the next 12 months? I think it’s time to start putting together a list because I hope I do a lot more things than I did this past year.

Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences you have had in the last year.

One thought on “1 Year Since Graduation – What have I done since?

  1. TheCollegeHelper

    Hi Justin – Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on graduating with your degree in Web Design. It seems like you’ve had an exciting year this past year. Before making your next list, you first need to figure out what you want to accomplish. If you’re just trying to have some more fun or if you’re looking to get a job in the web design industry or a combination of both.

    If you’re just looking to have some fun – then I’d recommend Manhattan Beach, CA or if you’re real adventurous, then Paris, France. If you’re looking to get a Web Design job, maybe start working on your resume and signing up for sites like career builder or monster. Good luck to you!


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