August 28, 2009

10 Movies I’ve Seen This Month


Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching a lot of movies. I guess you can blame it on the 100+ degree weather. Or perhaps due to the fact my girlfriend and I both work from home.

Here’s a bunch of reviews of some of the movies I’ve watched over the last month:

500 Days of Summer

The main reason we went to see this move is because it was playing at the Alamo Drafthouse. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a movie theater that serves food and alcohol. I figured it was better to watch a random movie with beer than to go see a different one at a normal movie theater.

Luckily, this movie turned out to be a great movie. It was funny and a lot more entertaining that I would have thought. It’s a story of a guy that dates a girl for 500 days and over the course of the movie it looks back at each day of the relationship.

Highly recommend checking this one out if you get a chance.

District 9

I was not sure what to expect from District 9. I had never seen any advertisements or anything and simply heard of it through word of mouth. All I heard was that it was an awesome alien movie that was shot in a documentary style like Blair Witch Project.

Wow was I impressed! This movie was awesome from the beginning to the end. It’s basically a movie that shows exactly what it would be like if aliens really did come to planet Earth. The movie is seen though the eyes of a news channel so it feels like the real thing.

It sort of reminded me of Independence Day only better. Probably the best alien movie I have ever seen.

The Hangover

I’ve seen the Hangover a few times now and it’s still one of the funniest movies I have seen in a LONG time. The entire movie is straight up hilarious. From missing teeth to tigers in the bathroom, it’s a trip. And nothing beats watching Mike Tyson sing Phil Collins.

I would probably say this is going to be my favorite movie of the year. Unless something super funny comes along.

Public Enemies

One of the main reasons I wanted to see Public Enemies was because it was shot where I used to live in Wisconsin. I thought it would be cool to check it out and see if I could remember any of the buildings in the background.

The first thing I recognized in the movie was the Oshkosh Public Library. It was an easy one to spot out since there are two lion statues in the front of it. Here’s a picture I took of it back in college:

If you watch this movie, you’ll probably notice it as they drive by it.

As far as the movie goes, I really enjoyed it. It’s a gangster type movie about bank robbers and all that good stuff. My girlfriend on the other hand did not like it. It’s a long movie so you really need to be in to it otherwise you might get bored with it.

The Ugly Truth

Romantic comedies are usually a hit or miss for me. I’ve seen some I really liked while others I hated. This was one of the ones I liked. Gerard Butler was hilarious in this movie and I really liked it.

The plot of the movie is pretty funny as well. Gerard Butler is the host of a late night TV show about sex, dating, and women. He ended up getting a job on a regular news channel to spice things up a bit. He then ends up liking the producer of the show and the movie goes on from there.

Overall, it’s a pretty good movie and has some funny parts that will make you laugh.

Sunshine Cleaning

Just watched this one yesterday and actually thought it was pretty good. It was another movie I hadn’t heard of prior to watching so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns of it’s a movie about two sisters that start up a murder/crime scene cleanup business.

What can I say, it was pretty interesting. A good movie and different than some of the other ones I’ve seen lately.

The Brave One

The Brave One was a great movie. A very good thriller style movie that had me interested the entire time. Jodie Foster loses her boyfriend in a street beating and she is also hospitalized. She wakes up to find out that her boyfriend hadn’t make it and she struggles to pull it together.

She then decided to get revenge and buys a gun. From that point on, she starts to take out bad guys and ultimately hopes to kill the guys who attacked her and her boyfriend.

Great movie and I recommend checking this one out if you like thrillers.


I’m not going to lie but I hated this movie. Not only was it like 4 hours long but I could not get into whatsoever. I kept drifting off and ended up sitting on my computer the entire time because I was so bored with the movie.

I guess I’ve never really been in to comic books so that might be one of the reasons I was not in to this movie. Though I did love the Batman movies as well as Spiderman.

The Soloist

This was another one of my favorite. I’m a big fan of movies that are based on true stories because they feel so much more real. Jamie Foxx did an amazing job and made the movie was it was.

It’s a sad movie because it makes you realize that things can happen to anyone. It makes you look at people on the streets in a completely different way.

Lakeview Terrace

For me, this movie was nothing but a waste of two hours. The plot was pretty boring and it never took off. A couple moves into a new neighborhood and their neighbor is a cop who’s overly protective of the neighborhood.

That’s about all I have to say about this one.

Any Recommendations?

Have you seen any movies you would recommend checking out? If so, feel free to leave a comment and let me know. I’m always looking for some more movies to watch.

13 thoughts on “10 Movies I’ve Seen This Month

      1. Robby G

        I watched I Love You, Man in the airplane couple of days ago and it was great. Another one I watched on the plane which I just wanted to go on and on and didn’t want it to end was with Audrey Hepburn (damn she’s sexy) entitled How to Steal a Million. Both great films, I suggest you check out the old 50s and 60s films, they’re so down to earth and great.

  1. Harley962

    Bagdad Cafe.
    I caught this on a late, late movie (the night-owl lives) probably about ten years ago. I happened on it while channel surfing and it was at the beginning so I got in on the whole story. Totally quirky movie of the oddest people finding common ground in unusual circumstances. I own a copy and I love to pull it out every so often to watch again.

  2. Waist Cincher

    I recommend ‘Death at a Funeral’ – but the old version from 3 or 4 years ago not the new one. The new one may be great but I haven’t seen it. Saw th eold version about a month ago and it was brilliant.


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