10 Ways To Stay Productive While Working From Home

This weeks episode of Digital Nomad Radio is all about staying productive while working from home. It can be very difficult to work from home, especially if you are used to working in an office. So I thought I would share my 10 favorite tips on how to stay productive. Enjoy!



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Here’s a quick look at a few of the tips to stay productive while working from home:

  • Create A Work Area – It’s simple. Create an office in your home.
  • Set Some Hours – It is really important to create a work schedule. Otherwise you will end up working a TON of hours.
  • Close Your Email And Turn Off Your Phone – Trying to get a project done? Don’t be afraid to shut down your communication methods for awhile.
  • Don’t Forget To Eat – Your body will thank you.
  • Take Breaks – Just like every other job, it is important to take breaks from working. Otherwise you will go insane.

Do you have some work from home tips? If so, please feel free to share them.

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7 thoughts on “10 Ways To Stay Productive While Working From Home

  1. Fixed Gear Bikes

    Really good advice here. People don’t realize the pitfalls of working from home – they think it’s like heaven. But it’s really easy to lose sight of what you’re doing. Thanks again for this.

  2. Erica

    Your podcasts are so helpful. Thank you!

    Working from home can be more challenging than people think. Creating a work schedule is what I need to get better at. Not forgetting to eat is another important point. Sometimes I can be so absorbed in a certain project that I, at mid afternoon or later, realize I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.

  3. karmin

    These are great tips! I have an office in my home and I have a very strict schedule on when I have to be in there working. Of course don’t worry it is not a full day so there is plenty of time for getting out and having fun.

  4. Turisuna

    Nice tips, my problem when working at home is I can’t concentrate when the children start to ask many attention from me, so it’s hard to be focus. I think I need to review my working schedule and try to stick with it.

  5. YourNetBiz

    I agree that having a work schedule is key to success working from home.
    It forces you to make a time plan or to do list.
    You get more done than if you didn’t do this – therefore becoming more productive :o)

  6. P90X Review Blog

    You forgot one more thing that in my opinion is the most important: EXCERSISE

    I have been self employed working from home 2 years and I REALLY let my body get out of shape. Deciding to get back in shape was by far the most important thing I’ve done.

    My mind is sharper
    I’m able to concentrate
    I sleep better
    Can work harder


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