100 Things That Make Me Happy Besides Money: 26-50

As promised, here are the next 25 Things That Make Me Happy Besides Money (If you missed yesterday’s post, you can check out the first 25 things here) :

26. Walks in the park

Taking a walk through a park is something I wish I did more of.

27. Fresh Air

Getting outside and breathing in fresh air is something I have always enjoyed.

28. Photography

Photography is one of my passions and taking photographs is something that makes me happy every time I do it.

29. Meeting new people

I am always happy to meet new people from all over the world.

30. Thunderstorms

I loved sitting outside on my patio during thunderstorms. There is just something about them that make me feel happy.

31. Golf

One of my favorite sports that I love to play as much as I can.

32. Cuddling in bed

There is nothing better than human contact and cuddling under the covers all day.

33. Accomplishing something big

Whenever I accomplish something big in my life, I always feel happy.

34. Setting goals and fulfilling them

I get a true sense of happiness when I set out to accomplish goals and then succeed at doing so.

35. Dreams

Nothing brings out happiness like a great dream and a good nights rest.

36. Sharing my opinions with others

I love to talk with others and share my opinions on things. It makes me happy to broaden other peoples minds with my point of view on life.

37. Learning new things

I love to learn new things because it expands my mind and makes me a more interesting person.

38. Watching little kids (their always having the time of their life)

I love to watch kids because they are always high on life and just live for the moment. Living in the now is something I have been working on a lot lately.

39. 43Things.com

The site makes me happy because I can create new goals when I accomplish old ones and can also share them with others.

40. Blogging

I love to write in this blog and share my opinions with the world.

41. Coffee

Sipping a cup of coffee always relaxes me and makes me feel happy.

42. Writing

I enjoy writing on all sorts of topics, especially things relating to my life in some way.

43. Karaoke

I am always happy to sing songs in front of people…of course I have to be piss drunk first…

44. Dancing

Just like the last one, I love dancing but I usually have to be pretty drunk before my moves start to come out.

45. Naps

I LOVE naps! Catching some sleep midday always puts me in a great mood.

46. Facebook

Another sad one, but spending time on Facebook catching up with old friends is something I enjoy a lot.

47. Hugs

Who doesn’t become happy when they get/give a hug.

48. Having a clean room

Having a clean and organized room brings me happiness because it is one less thing to worry about.

49. Camping

Sleeping outside in the wilderness is relaxing and something I love to do.

50. Snow days

I don’t get these anymore, but I remember nothing made me more happy then when I found out school was cancelled for the day.

PS. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the next 25 things.

One thought on “100 Things That Make Me Happy Besides Money: 26-50

  1. Lindsay

    Nice list. It’s funny, because today I came across a list I’d made 6 years ago of all the things that make me happy. It was interesting, because most things haven’t changed. Some have.


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