100 Things That Make Me Happy Besides Money: 76-100!

So here is the final 25 things on my list, enjoy!

76. Staying up late

77. Solving problems

78. Hammocks

79. Riding My Bike

80. The Trade winds

81. Traveling

82. Fresh Baked Muffins

83. Concerts

84. Summer

85. Going to Goodwill

86. Fresh Fruit

87. Driving

88. Making new friends

89. Hiking

90. Fall

91. Vacations

92. Surfing

93. Wearing whatever I want

94. Grilling Out

95. New clothes

96. Not Shaving

97. Fireworks

98. Buying things for others

99. Waking up to a new day

100. Knowing I can be happy without money…Priceless

That concludes my list. I can officially say this goal has been done. :)

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