13 Reasons To Follow Me on Twitter

Lately I have been getting a lot more in to Twitter. Or maybe I am just that much more bored at work and need something new to waste time on. Anyways, I like how easy it is to use and really makes staying in touch a lot easier. So, I decided to come up with a short list on why you should follow me:

1. The sheer randomness of my tweets

Yes, there about as random as the posts on this blog. But hey, it makes life interesting.

2. It lets you know where in the world I am (I travel a lot)

Life of Justin has a lot to do with my adventures, so I tweet as much as I can while I am on the road.

3. Because I’m hilarious and you like to laugh

At least I try to be. You could always laugh at the fact that I actually thing of myself as being hilarious.

4. Get notified of new posts on Life of Justin

Whenever a new post goes up, I make a tweet to let everyone know about it.

5. It’s the easiest way to get in touch with me

Lets face it, I try to respond to E-mail as often as I can but it’s tough. Calling my phone is a waste of time since I never answer and am looking to get rid of it soon. Hello Skype…

6. Reply to me with links to your latest posts (I’ll get some traffic for you)

Shoot me a reply whenever you have a new post up and I will Stumble, Digg, or Reddit it if I like it.

7. Find out what I ate for lunch

This one doesn’t need an explanation.

8. Ask me random questions (I’ll probably respond)

Trying to solve something such as a blog issue? Or have no idea what to eat today? No problem, send me a tweet and I will answer with the best possible solution.

9. Great way to get to know me (I think?)

Umm yeah I don’t know about this one. I guess you could ask me what color my hair is or something?

10. Get daily insights to help you through the day (probably not)

Or at least get a tweet that makes you laugh everyday.

11. You like having followers and I’ll most likely follow you

I usually follow anyone that follows me. So it’s a great investment to follow yours truly.

12. It’s easier for you to follow me first

It’s true, I could go around and follow interesting people in hopes they return the favor. But, it’s a lot easier if you follow me first. Then I can just click the follow button instead of having to seek you out.

13. I made this unlucky list of 13 faboulous reasons to follow me on Twitter.

So please, head over to my Twitter page and follow me. I suppose you could click the Follow Me button on my sidebar under My Tweets. I’ll leave that decision up to you. But just remember, there is a surprise waiting for those that follow me…

11 thoughts on “13 Reasons To Follow Me on Twitter

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  3. Mark

    I think I’m just mite start following you, I just got done reading your post on Austin (Austin TweetUps), and the reason why I was reading that was this, I live in Austin as while. Which I though, weird, what are the chances that I start to read a blog, from someone that lives in the same city. Anyway, thanks again for all your work.


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