5 Reasons You Should (And Shouldn’t) Party On Weekdays

Last night was another interesting night to say the least. It started with a roommate spilling a drink on his pants and getting accused of pissing himself at the bar. And ended up with 6 people riding home in a mustang, which involved one person riding in the trunk (not me!). So this morning when I woke up, it got me thinking. What are the pro’s and con’s to going out on the weekdays versus the weekends?

Here is what I managed to come up with.

5 Reasons You SHOULD Go Out on Weekdays:

1. Drinks Are Dirt Cheap

Last night at The Vine, in Tempe, it was a $5 cover and 1 dollar u-call its. That is a deal that is hard to pass up. Besides, you will never find a deal like that on Fridays and Saturdays. So it is a great way to get out and meet people for those on a super tight budget.

2. The Crowds Are usually Different

The nice thing about going to different bars on the weekdays is that you usually see new people that are not there on the weekends. So it is a great way to go to the same bars but see a new crowd. It is also nice to go to bars you hardly visit since most places have certain specials on different days of the week.

3. Being Hungover At Work Isn’t So Bad

Some people might disagree with this, depending on your job, but I have no problems getting up at 7 and heading to work after partying. I would rather spend my miserable mornings sitting at work on company time versus wasting away my precious Saturday and Sunday mornings. If I really have a rough night, I could always throw the Bathroom Stall Hammock in the briefcase and grab a quick nap.

4. It Gives You Something To Blog About

I must admit, I have been through some crazy times over the last few months, and many of them have to do with going out and having fun on weekdays. It gives me some interesting topics to right about. For example, had I never gone out on a random Tuesday, I never would of sat at work all day on Wednesday trying to think of ways to sleep in a bathroom stall. Little did I know, it would eventually lead to my invention of the Bathroom Stall Hammock, as well as a few other things.

5. Great For Networking

I always seem to meet more interesting people on weekdays, probably because there are more business minded people out having a few drinks. It seems like the people out on Friday and Saturday are out for one reason, to get wasted (I’ll admit I am usually one of them). Lately I have been handing out a lot of business cards with my website on them and it has been helping a lot. You never know who might come check out the website and enjoy it.

5 Reasons you SHOULDN’T Go Out on Weekdays:

1. Drinks Are Dirt Cheap

Notice some similarity to the first reason above? Yeah, cheap drinks are great when you are on a low budget, but just about any poor kid can scrape up $20 to go to the bar. This means your spending $5 to get in the door, and another $10 to $15 on drinks. Anyone knows drinking 10 u-call its will put anyone down. And this can lead to some interesting stories, both good and bad…

2. Those Rough Mornings

I am usually angry when I hear my alarm clock go off on any typical day, but when I am hungover, it is far, far worse. This morning my motivation to go to work was about as high as a kids going to get his/her wisdom teeth pulled. Sleep was the only thing on my mind, but I guess that will have to wait until this afternoon. I have some Entrecards I need to drop first.

3. Those “You Look Ill’s” You Receive The Next Day

Countless times, I always so up for work on time after partying the night before, but for some reason, people always notice something different about you. It usually leads to coworkers saying “You Look Ill” all day, but all I am thinking is “No I am Not! I’m just hungover so leave me alone.” It gets old after you hear it a few too many times, unless you take your manager’s advice and take the day off early. Ahhh. those are the good ol’ days.

4. Getting Into A Rhythm Of Doing It All The Time

Another downside to going out on weekdays is that you eventually fall into a rythm of going out everynight. It seems like the more you do it, the easier it gets. I remember back in January when my friend came home from Iraq, we went out like 6 nights in a row. By the 4th night, I was waking up BEFORE my alarm went off every morning ready to go to work. This is something I still cannot do if I do not go out the night before.

5. There Is No 5th Reason

As far as I can tell, there are only 4 reasons why you shouldn’t go out on weekdays. So that leads me to believe that going out is the better choice. Hmm, something tells me that isn’t right, otherwise they would of taught this in class back in college.

Well there you have it, the best reasons I could come up with. So the next time someone invites you out on weekday, come read this and it should help you make up your mind. But please, do not take my word for it, I will not be responsible for anything that happens to you, unless it is good.

PS. I am not an alcoholic, just a man that enjoys drinking a few beers with random people from around the world :)

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24 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should (And Shouldn’t) Party On Weekdays

  1. Curt

    Ah, to be young again. I remember many weekends and weekdays like that.

    Can’t seem to do too much of that these days though. Really kicks my butt.

    There’s a reason!

  2. Vanessa

    I have mad love for The Vine’s wings. I haven’t been there is ages.

    Also, drinking on the weekdays makes it FEEL lik eyou had a weekend in the middle of the week.

  3. TheBloggerExposed

    Yeah, I used to go out every Wednesday night b/c it was $2 pints. The problem is, I worked as a nurse so hangovers could be really rough. Funny, no one seemed to notice that every Thursday I wasn’t doing very well. There was one time I was so hungover and miserable (I think my blood sugar bottomed out) and I almost passed while I was drawing someone’s blood. I seriously had to holler for another nurse to come take over in the middle! Of course, the guy is like, “wtf?”

    I had to go into the surgical room next door and lie down. Luckily, no one figured out that I was hungover, but everyone started rumors thinking I was pregnant!

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  5. Corrina

    I ONLY drink on weekdays. Places are WAY too crowded and drinks cost way too much on the weekends. I like to get a beer fast and be able to sit down if I want to. And cover charges? Forget it. If you want me to spend my money in your bar/club, I’m sure as hell not gonna pay you for the “privilege”.

  6. Cash Boy What

    What up man, nice post. Know what? I just stumbled bla bla bla throguh that yellow widget and your blog is the only one that caught my eye. Thought I would let you know.

  7. Mike

    I tried the whole drinking on the weekdays and it wasn’t as exciting as it usually is on the weekends. Though I’m from Chicago and I don’t know the similarities of where you’re from. But it was dead on a Monday and Tuesday when I went out. Maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong times, but there weren’t a whole lot of people out. I guess I just have to dig deeper into the downtown city to enjoy a night on the town during the week.
    And funny you said you were hung over when people said you looked sick. I said it the other way around. I told people I was sick so they could get off my back. I ended up puking in the bathroom anyways lol. Well great Blogs. I’ve decided to Bookmark em’ :)

    ps. I caught some funny mistakes: you wrote right instead of write (…topics to right about.) and you wrote I always instead of I’m always (…I always so up for work on time.)
    Great blog by the way.

  8. dustin

    It’s amazing. After going through about 10-12 of your posts, I see spelling mistakes by either you or your commenters. I love your effing blog, but it’s quite apparent that our educational system is in the shitter.

  9. Raj Krishnaswamy

    Great post full of humor. On a serious note, some of the greatest business ideas were born in bars in the middle of the week. The highly profitable Southwest Airlines was conceptualized in a bar by the founder Herb Kelleher along with this buddy on a paper napkin. In fact, Southwest used to run a competition wherein you could come up with a business plan that needed to fit on a paper napkin and if you won, they gave you lots of money as the prize to enable you to start the business. Who knows, you could be the next major business entrepreneur with ideas that came out sitting at a bar!

    Raj Krishnaswamys latest blog post..Thermal Spray samples exhibit

  10. Justin Post author

    @ Raj

    This was one of my favorite posts to date. I believe it that a lot of business ideas have probably been started in bars and pubs. There is nothing like a few drinks to get the creative mind starting.

    I really hope I am the next entrepreneur that comes out with a business idea on a napkin. If so, I will make sure to frame that napkin and hang it on my wall, lol!

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  12. Issa

    I guess, as a freelancer, the temptation to party anytime, anywhere is ever so great.. and your post just reminds me to hit on the brakes. Thanks!


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