5 Ways To Cope with a Hangover at Work

Thursday nights always seem to get me. I went out last night and this morning I felt like death had come upon me. Then I realized it was Friday and I still had one more day of work. Ugh!

So here is a few things I am doing to survive the day:

1. Destroy Something

I am still not feeling 100%, which is most likely why I have the shakes. I was pushing a cart with a computer on it, and guess what…?? The computer fell off the side and busted on the floor. Oops!

Busted PC

But, it did make me a feel a little better since I started laughing. So find something to destroy, and your hangover will feel much better.

2. Mute the Phone

Honestly, who ever feels like talking on the phone. But it is even worse when you are hungover. So do what I do and turn off the ringer. Someone invented voicemail in the 70′s for a reason, might as well use it.

3. Turn On the Out-of-Office Assistant

This one can be tricky, but it can be been done. I like to put something like:


I am currently out running errands and I am not sure when I will return. But I can promise you this, the second I read your e-mail, I will reply (or delete it).

Best Wishes,


If someone calls you out on it, just say you forgot it was on. And then leave it on.

4. Watch Funny Videos on YouTube

Nothing makes me feel better faster than some good ol’ laughs. YouTube never ceases to entertain me. The key is to have the sound up just enough that you can hear it, without pissing anyone off.

5. Bust Out the Bathroom Stall Hammock

Yep, you guessed it. Nothing beats a hangover better than some Z’s. Since laying on the beach isn’t going to happen, why not settle for the next best thing: A hammock in a bathroom stall. If you haven’t heard of this invention, check out my post: The Bathroom Stall Hammock

It also makes the day go by faster so you can get on out of here and start the weekend.

And there you have it, a few ways to cope with a hangover from too many cheap ass drinks on Thursday nights.

10 thoughts on “5 Ways To Cope with a Hangover at Work

  1. Tiggy

    I plan ahead and let everyone know on Thursday afternoon I have a really important report to do Friday, so will not be responding to any e-mails, job requests or calls. The reason I will be looking glazed over and drained is because I will be, um, deep in thought.

  2. Chandler

    Hey man I am so glad I came across this post Justin, you have a great blog! Keep the blog fire! I have also found that vitamin water (the orange one), Yoga, and cold shower work pretty well! Peace!

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