March 7, 2008

8 Low-Stress Careers

I was reading a few articles on today when I stumbled across one titled “8 Careers to Help Lower Your Stress Meter. (Full Article Here)” As soon as I saw it, I had to look at it since all I have dreamed about is having a nice, low stress, and decent paying job that still offers me the freedom to do what I want.

So to my surprise, most of the jobs on the list weren’t even close to being a job I would enjoy having. Here are the 8 careers they listed and my take on each of them:

1. Accountant

Looking at the accountants I have worked with in the past, they sure didn’t seem like “low-stress” people. Matter of fact, I remember an accountant at a job I used to have that would say everyday, “Just get me out of this place!” Maybe I just don’t have the “knack for calculations” they recommend in the article.

2. Preschool Teacher

Being in charge of 10 – 20 little kids crying, screaming, and throwing toys everywhere, no thank you! My stress levels would more than likely sky rocket with a job like this. Unless I was the nap time supervisor. I can nap as good as any of them. I could probably even give a few of the kids a lesson on how to duck out of class and setup the ol’ hammock in the bathroom stall for that much needed extra nap.

3. Nursing Assistant

Now this one I do not know much about. It could be a great career for all I know. But for some reason, all I think about is blood, needles, and sponge baths for patients. I think I will go ahead and say this one is not for me either.

4. Financial Planner

Being a financial planner would most likely drive me insane. First off, I am not the best with money so giving others advice on how to do it probably wouldn’t be a great idea. Plus I would probably deal with clients that are making tons more money than me which would just piss me off that tad bit more.

5. Massage Therapist/Physical Therapy Assistant

A massage therapist, now this is something I could see myself doing. Giving and receiving back rubs does not sound so bad. However, I have a gut feeling there is more to this job then just back rubs. But who knows, I will definitely be looking more into this career.

6. Pastry Chef

Now this one is interesting, a Pastry chef. I love how the article states “It’s hard to get stressed when your office smells of butter, sugar, and cinnamon.” Yeah, unless you actually have taste buds and an appetite. I would be more stressed being surrounded by endless piles of cakes and donuts. I mean, I would either be stressed about not being able to eat them, or worse yet, I would actually eat ALL DAY. Then after pounds of weight gain, I would be more stressed than I have ever been in my life. Let’s just throw this career out for me.

7. Graphic Design

Graphic design is something I do on the side and I admit it can be low-stress. However, it can also be very stressful. Especially when your dealing with multiple clients and projects at the same time. Which you need to be doing if you are actually looking to make enough money to buy food that doesn’t come in a brick with a salt packet for flavoring.

8. Desktop Support

As soon as I saw this, I just about pissed my pants. Desktop Support…low stress? Come on! I am a desktop support technician and this is anything but low stress. Sure, plugging in a few computers here and there and helping a few people with small problems is rewarding. But wait until you get a pile of projects thrown on your lap. Then you spend every second at work helping others or running back to your desk in between calls so you can actually sit down and figure out what project your supposed to have done and when.

I am sorry Yahoo, but this list could of been a lot better. Most of these jobs are far from being the best jobs for low-stress. Plus it did not say anywhere about pay being of any importance.
Off the top of my head, any of these careers would of been a much better pick:

1. Hot Air Balloon Captain

Your job is to fly this huge balloon around and take people on rides. Hmm, sounds like a great job for me. Where do I sign up?

2. Dog/Home Sitter

I have had a few friends that have done dog/home sitting for people. It sure it did not sound that stressful. Walk the dog at 3, feed him 3 times a day. I can handle that.

3. Tour Guide

I met a volcanic tour guide in Hawaii and she made it sound like it was the coolest career ever. You take a bunch of tourist out to the lava failed and show them around and answer their questions. Not exactly high-stress, unless of course the volcano erupts…

4. Surf Instructor

I surfed a ton while I lived out in Hawaii and met a lot of surf instructors. Every one of them loved there job and even made a decent amount of money. What is more fun than hanging out with tourist and doing the sport you love the most.

5. Librarian

How hard can it be? Put a few books away, tell a couple middle schoolers where to find the book they need for class.

6. Movie Extra

I have done this one a few times and not once have I come over after and been stressed out. It is one of the easiest jobs I have done and you literally get paid to just hang out and look like your doing something. I am trying my best to do this as much as I can.

7. Strip Club DJ

I have never done this job, but it sure sounds like something I would be interested in trying. What is there to not love about music and…yes strip clubs. What a perfect job!

8. Blogger

Personally, I think blogging is a great low-stress career. I really think writing/blogging is a great career since it has so much flexibility.

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77 thoughts on “8 Low-Stress Careers

  1. Brian

    I think you have inspired me to leave my current job after reading the Strip Club DJ position. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

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  3. Mike

    Great blogging man! The massage therapist, surfing instructor, and Volcano Tour Guide gigs do it for me. You’ve got me seriously thinking that a low stress job is actually possible…and your blogging style is most excellent again.

  4. Adam Pieniazek

    I was an accountant up until a few weeks ago. Though I was good (damn good) at my job, it was certainly not low-stress. Now trying to blog for a living and right now (with a savings safety net) it’s wicked low on the stress factor.

    Hot Air Balloon Captain actually seems stressful seeing as how at any moment that balloon could pop and then you’re screwed.

  5. Drew

    I read the Yahoo list shortly before seeing this response. Awesome. I launched a spittle-filled guffaw at my screen seeing Desktop Support listed, as I just ran screaming from my last desktop support position. Maybe it’d be low-stress if you had like six easy calls a day….

    How does one blog professionally, anyway? Does anyone make enough money to support themselves doing it?

  6. Spiritbear

    I agree anything IT related is as stressful as it gets. I am 35 and wonder if I will make it to 40 under the kind of stress involved. I understand the many project and always putting out fires. I am a network administrator in an IT dept of 4 so I get to do it all.

    Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I dream of fliping burgers as a step up

    Low stress yeah right. Then so is air traffic control

  7. Drew

    I can sort of see how Yahoo would come up with such a list. For the most part, stress is in how you react to things.

    Still, I don’t know anyone who finds IT low-stress.

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  9. Mark McClure

    If you like Japanese anime and things related, check out what Danny Choo gets to spend his days doing.

    The guy’s worked real hard to get some success and leveraged (good corp speakology coming thru here !!) his IT experiences, skills and contacts.

    Warning: some images may not suitable for opening at work…

    mark mcclure

  10. Going Straight

    The best job is the world is to do what you “really” like and getting paid for it. It does not really matter what job it is since if you love what you are doing, it ceases to become work.

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  12. Emma

    Your list way better.

    Massage therapist gets REALLY tired aching hands though. (try giving a 60 minute massage woring into the muscles and you will see what I mean).
    Surfing instructor and tour guide are really cool. But there are safety issues, you are responsible for groups of people who might not speak your language, and will misunderstand your directions and wonder off and get lost on land or in the surf. It could be very stressful on ocassions but great most of them time.

    1. Ruprecht

      I worked at this place as a technical writer and they asked me to write some blog articles. It was hard because I had to try to act interested in a topic that was of no interest to me, while squeezing in as many search engine optimized words and phrases as possible. It irritated me, I felt like a liar. My resume is terrible. I can’t jazz things up, things just are what they are. I have to pay resume writers to do my resumes for me.

  13. Dwayne from Probably Sucks Blog

    I have a nice low-stress job you can place up in that list, unemployment. I miss the days of being unemployed and doing absolutely nothing with my life, while the government paid me to help with that dream. Then one day, the government got greedy and told me I had to do work for the money they were paying me, so I had to bite the bullet and get a job.

    It was one of the saddest days of my life.

  14. Country Music Lyrics

    I know many accountants and I actually see there job as one of the most stressful. I hate doing my own taxes and finances let alone sit in an office for long hours doing everyone’s. I would think blogger is a pretty stress free job especially if you do it full time, just have to keep it interesting and live your life and you make money, not bad at all.

  15. G N

    Well, I don’t know about your assessment librarians as most librarians have master’s degrees in library science. Not exactly sure what they studied at college, but they make it seem like it’s not as easy as it looks.

    And as for the nurse’s assitant… ??? It is definitely hard work, but maybe it is viewed as low-stress because people find it so rewarding?

  16. Justin Post author

    @ G N: yeah I have always heard that it takes a lot of school to get a job as a librarian. I never understood why though…The one we had at ourlibrary didn’t know hardly anything.

    1. peacefultrees

      hi justin:

      i just found your blog… it is great reading! have to say you are right about the librarian idea. i am going to school to get my MLS after teaching high school english two years… (here in TX, you have to teach 2 years before you can become a librarian). librarians do a lot more than you think. it is actually an IT position, but i would agree with you that it cannot be too stressful. (At least i hope not!!). 🙂

  17. Will

    DESKTOP SUPPORT – LOW STRESS!?! Are you @#$% kidding me? Who the @#$% wrote this list?!?

    Background: I just had a nervous breakdown six months ago. My job before I was let go becuase FMLA didnt protect me: Desktop Support.

    So, unemployed and looking to get back into the work force, I Googled “low stress jobs” and came across this list. Holy crap!!!

    Come on Yahoo…its called research!


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