March 7, 2008

8 Low-Stress Careers

I was reading a few articles on today when I stumbled across one titled “8 Careers to Help Lower Your Stress Meter. (Full Article Here)” As soon as I saw it, I had to look at it since all I have dreamed about is having a nice, low stress, and decent paying job that still offers me the freedom to do what I want.

So to my surprise, most of the jobs on the list weren’t even close to being a job I would enjoy having. Here are the 8 careers they listed and my take on each of them:

1. Accountant

Looking at the accountants I have worked with in the past, they sure didn’t seem like “low-stress” people. Matter of fact, I remember an accountant at a job I used to have that would say everyday, “Just get me out of this place!” Maybe I just don’t have the “knack for calculations” they recommend in the article.

2. Preschool Teacher

Being in charge of 10 – 20 little kids crying, screaming, and throwing toys everywhere, no thank you! My stress levels would more than likely sky rocket with a job like this. Unless I was the nap time supervisor. I can nap as good as any of them. I could probably even give a few of the kids a lesson on how to duck out of class and setup the ol’ hammock in the bathroom stall for that much needed extra nap.

3. Nursing Assistant

Now this one I do not know much about. It could be a great career for all I know. But for some reason, all I think about is blood, needles, and sponge baths for patients. I think I will go ahead and say this one is not for me either.

4. Financial Planner

Being a financial planner would most likely drive me insane. First off, I am not the best with money so giving others advice on how to do it probably wouldn’t be a great idea. Plus I would probably deal with clients that are making tons more money than me which would just piss me off that tad bit more.

5. Massage Therapist/Physical Therapy Assistant

A massage therapist, now this is something I could see myself doing. Giving and receiving back rubs does not sound so bad. However, I have a gut feeling there is more to this job then just back rubs. But who knows, I will definitely be looking more into this career.

6. Pastry Chef

Now this one is interesting, a Pastry chef. I love how the article states “It’s hard to get stressed when your office smells of butter, sugar, and cinnamon.” Yeah, unless you actually have taste buds and an appetite. I would be more stressed being surrounded by endless piles of cakes and donuts. I mean, I would either be stressed about not being able to eat them, or worse yet, I would actually eat ALL DAY. Then after pounds of weight gain, I would be more stressed than I have ever been in my life. Let’s just throw this career out for me.

7. Graphic Design

Graphic design is something I do on the side and I admit it can be low-stress. However, it can also be very stressful. Especially when your dealing with multiple clients and projects at the same time. Which you need to be doing if you are actually looking to make enough money to buy food that doesn’t come in a brick with a salt packet for flavoring.

8. Desktop Support

As soon as I saw this, I just about pissed my pants. Desktop Support…low stress? Come on! I am a desktop support technician and this is anything but low stress. Sure, plugging in a few computers here and there and helping a few people with small problems is rewarding. But wait until you get a pile of projects thrown on your lap. Then you spend every second at work helping others or running back to your desk in between calls so you can actually sit down and figure out what project your supposed to have done and when.

I am sorry Yahoo, but this list could of been a lot better. Most of these jobs are far from being the best jobs for low-stress. Plus it did not say anywhere about pay being of any importance.
Off the top of my head, any of these careers would of been a much better pick:

1. Hot Air Balloon Captain

Your job is to fly this huge balloon around and take people on rides. Hmm, sounds like a great job for me. Where do I sign up?

2. Dog/Home Sitter

I have had a few friends that have done dog/home sitting for people. It sure it did not sound that stressful. Walk the dog at 3, feed him 3 times a day. I can handle that.

3. Tour Guide

I met a volcanic tour guide in Hawaii and she made it sound like it was the coolest career ever. You take a bunch of tourist out to the lava failed and show them around and answer their questions. Not exactly high-stress, unless of course the volcano erupts…

4. Surf Instructor

I surfed a ton while I lived out in Hawaii and met a lot of surf instructors. Every one of them loved there job and even made a decent amount of money. What is more fun than hanging out with tourist and doing the sport you love the most.

5. Librarian

How hard can it be? Put a few books away, tell a couple middle schoolers where to find the book they need for class.

6. Movie Extra

I have done this one a few times and not once have I come over after and been stressed out. It is one of the easiest jobs I have done and you literally get paid to just hang out and look like your doing something. I am trying my best to do this as much as I can.

7. Strip Club DJ

I have never done this job, but it sure sounds like something I would be interested in trying. What is there to not love about music and…yes strip clubs. What a perfect job!

8. Blogger

Personally, I think blogging is a great low-stress career. I really think writing/blogging is a great career since it has so much flexibility.

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77 thoughts on “8 Low-Stress Careers

  1. jTerrell

    i was a pastry chef for a good bit and it’s a great job but the hours are way long and your dogs bark at the end of the day..sometimes i had 12-14 hour days. the pay was great and i was apart of a union. i actually lost weight as a chef–sooner or later you get use to all the chocolate sugar goodness.

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  4. chapmau

    I am a preschool teacher and it is super stress… your picks were way better.
    Maybe the whole article was just very subtle irony, and the author is sitting back laughing at the fools who will now pick these careers. I can see that, very dark laughter indeed.

  5. Mark

    Yes, there is way more to being a massage therapist than just giving backrubs. Sometimes we turn into armchair psychologists at times.

  6. Lokmeujasanginatwite

    Selling weed. I don’t know if that one counts, but I bet anything that it is the least stressful activity where you can make money. At least, till the police come knocking on your door.

  7. Robert

    click on the link, see that the article was sponsored by an online university, and you will understand why the career choices seem so ridiculous.

    I disagree that accountant in stressful. I am studying to be one after learning about it. It’s really only stressful during the end of an accounting cycle. But then again I am not planning on working for a CPA firm because it sounds stressful but in-house management accounting not so much.

    1. fred

      “low stress”
      these two phrases do not belong in the same language
      i worked as an accountant
      tax, management accounting, consulting, auditing, all have one thing in common
      super high stress levels

  8. Questnet

    Wow some of the job listed is rather stressful.
    I dont mind being a Tour guide or a dive instructor..

    What are the jobs which is low in Stree but High in Income?

  9. Christian

    You may want to reconsider the stress levels of a massage therapist or PT assistant. Believe me, both those positions can be stress full, and burn out rate is very high for Massage Therapists – usually 5 years. Both are respected positions, but certainly can be stress full.

    1. Veronica

      Do you know anyone who is a PT assistant? I thought it was a
      sweet gig for being in the healthcare industry?

  10. L

    I’m a graphic designer. It’s NOT low-stress. GRRR.

    Increasingly high demands, mediocre pay, not to mention the fact that it’s difficult for creative people to work in typical office environments. Equipment & software is expensive. Also, not everybody can design, but everybody can criticize, so you’re often asked to redo work, and people think you can just whip up a new design in a few minutes.

  11. Tony

    My wife works in School and I am a financial planner and know accountants, so where Yahoo got their list from I really don’t know as these jobs are stressful but rewarding at times

  12. the.smiling.someone

    haha- I”m in a very high stress job right now (one of those we’re not supposed to talk about directly) & none of these jobs sound particularly bad, but I guess it really depends on perspective: if you’re worried about your job being hard & your boss/customers breathing down your neck, that’s bad & I can see it being tough, but if you stop, breathe, & think “if I screw this up royally, no one is going to die from it” you can relax at least a little bit…

    1. RN

      I feel like I have the most stressful job in world! I’m a nurse. If I make a mistake, someone DOES die! What the hell was I thinking?!?!

  13. Mark

    3 of those first 8 are anything but low-stress.

    Nursing Assistant – yeah, taking care of the sick and injured (and dying) may be rewarding, but it’s not without it’s own set of baggage. These workers have a lot of stress and depression because of the high-demands on them to do as much as they can in as little time possible. Stress runs high when they become attached to the patients emotionally.

    Pre-school teacher – ANYBODY that deals with children day in / day out knows that, while it may be enjoyable, it’s very stressful. My wife’s an elementary school teacher and 3 of her friends teach pre-school. The stories they tell make me glad that I’m a…

    Support Technician – Desktop support being low-stress, my right leg! Wait until the company’s top salesman can’t log into Windows right before his presentation and tell me it’s not stressful.

  14. KB

    Contrary to popular belief, being a librarian sucks. You have to deal with the public–who all think you have a magic wand to wave, homeless people who are sometimes drunk–and non-homeless ones who are under the influence as well. People also treat the library as a daycare & drop their poorly behaved children off their all day & they create problems. At the relatively small library I work at, the police had to be called three times last week. It’s not as cushy & low-stress as everyone thinks!

  15. John Marsden

    Lets face it, any job that requires client interaction sucks. Whether it be desktop support, bank teller, librarian, basically any job that requires you to kiss someones a$$ 100 times a day is stressful… No thanks – I will stick to filmmaking 🙂

  16. Frank

    I hate my cubicell. I’m 33 and I’ve been working in offices since my junior year in college. I think I’m a shell of the creative and happy person I used to be. I don’t know what to do. I get paid well but I hate my job. I have two wonderful kids, a great wife, and still I’m pretty miserable because I have to come to this place everyday.

    I know I need to make a change but to what? Nothing on the list looks very appealing or practical. Maybe a nurse but all my friends that are nurses hate it. I”m basically an accountant now, its not high stress but I sit on my @ss all day. I hate sitting!

    Thanks for listening.

    1. kris

      wow, you sound just like me, wonderful family, but tired of I.T. have tried thinking of what else to do, but have no idea, I thought maybe marketing or promotions, but that is not low stress either.

  17. Nick

    I think there is a (not 100%) tradeoff between stress and the excitement level of your job. I want to be a trader and a fund manager which an intense stress filled career, but the excitement, payoff, and my passion for finance outweigh the stress.

  18. David

    I am a strip club DJ and i hate it !!!! I have begged for years to get out !! drunk bitches with daddy issuses and you trying your hardest to say it is ok ?? Come on really it is a job for perves and old fuckers that cant find enough courage to talk to the girl at the bar with fake tits. really i am 31 and have been doing this for 21 years it is like working in a methadone clinic think about it dream job my ass get real!!

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  20. Graham

    Add chiropractor to the list.

    1. You just crack people’s backs, necks, etc.
    2. Only takes about 1 to 2 minutes per patient! At $35 per visit, unless you are greedy, you don’t need to rush! You can work at a relaxed pace, and also afford to not work everyday.
    3. Similar to massage therapist.

  21. Erica

    I am a preschool teacher and it is VERY stressful. There is a lot of paperwork involved, high emotions, and more responsibility than you can imagine


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