The Start of Acting: Being An Extra

First, let me start by saying yesterday’s video was a success. I heard tons of good feedback and everyone said it was hilarious. I even managed to have a girl come up to me at ASU and ask if I was in a YouTube video about a hammock. Not bad for throwing a video together in such a short notice. I even received a few phone calls from back home in Wisconsin and one from Hawaii about it.

Anyways, last night I had another interesting experience with acting. I was an extra for an infomercial for some health cleansing product. In other words, I was one of those people hanging out at the “Party” while the hosts give there pitch for the product. It sort of reminded me of the infomercial for the Magic Bullet blender that used to be on TV all the time.

You really do realize how fake television is when you are on set of an actual show. For example, during a pool party scene I had to hold a plate with a hamburger bun on it and a half full glass of apple juice. It was supposed to look like I was eating and having a good time drinking some beer.

We had our pool party attire on but we were all freezing since it was only 55 degrees last night when we shot the scene. I wanted to dive in the pool but it was not heated so that was not going to happen. Maybe in a few months when it is 100 degrees outside.

The best part about being an extra is that you are always on set with a lot of people around. I met a lot of nice people in the industry last night and hope to stay in contact with some of them. It is a great place to hear about future openings and casting calls as well. I am hoping to be in a few more shoots very soon.

As an extra, you also start to learn the ropes about film and television. You start to learn when to be quiet, when to speak up, and when to act. Some of the terms used by directors and other members of the film crew start to make sense. Best of all, it helps you get used to being in front of a camera all the time. It also helps you get used to shooting retakes over and over again.

In conclusion, being an extra is actually a lot of fun. Plus it pays good for the amount of work you have to do. It was not as fun as The Weekenders Golf Tour but it was still a great time. Plus it really helps network with others in the field and can really help to open a few doors in the industry.

I have been managing to get myself on camera quite a bit lately and my only hope is to get on it even more. I really want to get back on reality television because it is so much fun to shoot. So if anyone out there is currently casting for a television show, please let me know.

In the mean time, keep an eye out for a some new YouTube videos. Greg and I plan on shooting a few this weekend and will be posting them as soon as we can. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for some short videos, please comment on this post or send me an E-Mail.

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