January 22, 2009

A Quick Ride To The Coffee Shop

Since I wrote a few posts about my bike, I thought I would share a quick ride with you. The main reason is because I just bought a new video camera that shoots in high definition. I thought I would test it out and see what the quality is like on YouTube now that it offers HD. So check it out:

The Quality Is WAY Better

The quality is far better than my old Casio point and shoot camera that did video. It was always grainy and hard to see things in detail. So I have some really high hopes for this camera and since it is small I hope to take it with me where ever I go.

So I promise to bring you a lot more videos in the future. This is just the beginning! Also, tune in tomorrow for more details about the camera I just bought. I’m going to do a little review of what I think of it so far.

6 thoughts on “A Quick Ride To The Coffee Shop

  1. BenSpark

    The video quality even with the jostling and bumps was nice. What camera do you have? What did you mount it on? You were able to swing it back towards yourself and also away. But it was really bouncing around from time to time too. Just wondering what you did for a rig. I’m going to start doing something similar once the show leaves (I’m in MA)

  2. Justin Post author

    Believe it or not, I was actually holding the camera in my left hand and the handlebars with my right hand. That’s why I was able to turn the camera around while I was riding. The camera is a Kodak Zi6 and I plan on doing a more in depth review tomorrow so check it out.

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