Add Me As A Friend Buttons

After looking for well…2 months, I have still not found a good add me as a friend plug-in or button for any major social networks.

I have been looking pretty intensely and even tried making a drop down list (I hated it). So after looking non-stop, I decided to create my own buttons. I wanted to keep them simple but still wanted them to look cool. So I incorporated the logos from each network into the button along with the normal “saying” for that network.

Time To Share Them

Not only did I create them for my blog, but I would love more than anything to share them. I figured it would benefit you as well since a lot of people like to add these to their blogs. So without any more introduction, here are the first three buttons I created:

Add Me on FacebookFollow Me on TwitterAdd to Technorati Favorites

How To Use Them

Simply right click and save the image as (name it whatever). From there, you can upload them to your website and set them up to link to your profiles.

Looking For Other Networks?

Leave a comment and I can try and put together a button for almost any network. Hey, it’s what I do so no worries…

37 thoughts on “Add Me As A Friend Buttons

  1. Another John

    Hi! Great stuff!
    Have you propably ever created a button for StudiVZ (which is the biggest) social network in Gemnay? Or do you know, if it already exists?
    Thanks and best wishes,

  2. joseph

    how did u do those Subscribe To Updates at the top of the page?

    i would like to be able to put that on my website!!




    Great buttons justin

    any chance you could do a youtube one maybe?

    saying something like “watch me on youtube” with the youtube logo too?

    that would be great if you could, already added the others to my site, look awesome, thankyou :-)


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