Alcohol Causes Birth Defects?

Another Wednesday is once again upon us. Today, I would like to share another sign I found while hanging out in Flagstaff. The first one was a shoplifting sign, which was a little um…unusual. This one is an Alcohol warning about it causing birth defects.

Of course I have seen this warning¬† before, mostly on liquor bottles and beer cans. But I have never seen it on a door in a hotel room. And it wasn’t just on the main door, but ALL of them. One on the bathroom, another on the main door, and two more on the suite room doors. Here is a close up of the sign:

Alocohol Warning?

Alcohol Warning on Hotel Door

Sorta weird huh?

Has anyone else seen a warning like this in a hotel room or some other weird place? Lately I have been noticing more and more weird signs all over the place…

11 thoughts on “Alcohol Causes Birth Defects?

  1. sarah

    I remember seeing that sign in a bar awhile back, but never in a hotel room. Maybe they had a mini-bar with drinks in the room?

  2. David B Katague

    I have not seen one lately, but notice the ” phrase during pregnancy”. So , the sign is not for the male species, but specifically for pregnant women. It is certainly weird seeing that sign in your hotel door. Have a good day!

  3. Carla

    I dont have a problem with the sign. Maybe it was something other than a hotel before and they just didnt take the signs down. It could be anything!

  4. Jenn

    Alcohol causes birth defects??? I just thought it caused the pregnancy (hehe). Ii guess you learn something new everyday.


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