Another Reason to Avoid Walmart

So I was checking out at my neighborhood Walmart last night (rarely step foot in there) when I saw these Ice Breakers on rollback:

The sign said 2 for 3 bucks, which makes it sound like a great deal. The funny thing is, I specifically remember buying some of these about 3 months ago for $1.50, not $1.67. So I did some investigating and looked under the rollback sticker, only to see this:

It’s hard to see in the picture but it says $1.50 on the pricetag underneath. The checkout lady was starring me down so I had to snap it as fast as I could.  So, not only is the original price $1.50, but the 2 for $3 marketing gimmick is nothing but nonsense. It’s like selling 10 cent widgets 10 for a dollar. Woo Hoo!

This adds to the list of things Walmart has done to me like selling backpacks that break in a week, uneven camera tripods, and all the other crap I ever bought that broke. Target here I come…

Anyways, another work week has come to an end! have a nice weekend everyone and check back often for some new posts!

8 thoughts on “Another Reason to Avoid Walmart

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    We studied Wal-mart in a few of my business classes and yeah they’re shady. In fact, they started a fake blog about a couple who toured the country while staying at Wal-mart parking lots. Let’s not forget that their stuff is so cheap because they hire people for literally cents per hour.

    Unfortunately, most big corporations are equally shady, they’re just better at hiding it from the general public. Such is the price we pay for living in a (socialized) capitalist society. You can’t really blame Wal-mart either, they’re set up to get us much of our money as possible and hey if they fail for shitty practices like having fake sales, well Uncle Sam will just bail them out!

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  2. Kris

    I don’t go to Wal-Mart anymore. I avoid it at all costs! I don’t know about your Wal-Mart, but ours is always a mess, and the lines are really, really long because they don’t open even a third of the lanes they have.

    They keep adding services, like now they even have a bank inside and now some are getting physicians offices I hear. With the store, a McDonald’s, eye doctor, bank, auto mechanic shop, doctor, nail salon, hair salon, and photo studio, all they need is a fire dept. and a hotel to become their own Wal-Mart City.

    They need to focus on their customer service instead of adding all these extras in.

    I was so thankful the day Target came to town.

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  3. Steve

    I stopped going to WalMart years ago. Though many people I know love it. However, I have converted a few to leaving said place. Now this is one more reason why I am glad I stopped going there.

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