Apple Replaced My iPhone!

About a week ago, I made this post about how my iPhone had stopped working. Half of the screen stopped responding to touch which made it unusable.

I decided to take it in to the nearest Apple store to see what happened to it and here was the experience.

Made An Appointment

The first thing I did was schedule an appointment with a person at the genius bar. This can be done online at Apples website. It asks a few questions such as what product you are looking to service and that is about it. I did notice the Apple store I went to was a little booked but I managed to find an afternoon time slot that worked for me.

Went To The Store

I showed up at the Apple store about 5 minutes before my appointment and waited for the person to call me. They have a few TV screens on the back wall that has the names listed of the next appointments. I found my name and waited by it until the computer geek guy called me.

The first thing I did was told him what had happened and then gave my phone to him. I made sure to tell him that I did a lot of research and knew that this problem was pretty common.

He then took my phone and look in each of the ports with one of those light up magnifying glasses that doctors use. He told me it had a little corrosion on it and asked where I keep it. Of course I told him in my pocket and he said it may have been due to sweat and condensation.

The Result?

The guy told me he would replace it this time and that I might not get as lucky the next time around. Woo Hoo! A brand new iPhone. He pulled out a small white box that had a new iPhone in it and started to activate it for me. It did not come with headphones or a new dock, damn it! And just to be clear, they replaced it with a 8 GB model, now the new 3G model. Grrr….

The Experience

Overall, I am far more pleased with this experience than I would of guessed. It literally took 15 minutes and two signatures and I was out of there with a new phone.

Not to shabby. The only downside is the new phone is only covered under warranty until the time the old one would of expired. So if this phone does the same thing 6 months down the road, I am screwed.

But we will worry about that when it happens…

8 thoughts on “Apple Replaced My iPhone!

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    Aside from 3G, the old iPhones are better than the new ones! First, their plans are cheaper, second they’re made of better material (the new ones are mostly all plastic and cheap feeling). Sure 3G is faster but it also eats battery power like pac-man so don’t worry about not getting the new 3G!

  2. Justin Post author

    Yeah I can tell, I saw a 3G one the other day and it doesn’t feel nearly as durable as the older ones. Plus I really don’t need to spend even more money for faster internet.

  3. DirtyLaundryDiva

    NewscasterHottie has an iphone he just loves! I got it for him. I have my MacBook… My overall opinion is that Apple rocks, I just wish I could afford to buy some of their stock now!

    It sounds like they took good care of you!

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  5. anan817

    I also got a new I phone.. My phone kept thinking that the headset was plugged in, when it wasn’t. Then same thing happened to me. I’m very pleased with apple care


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