Arnold’s Tiki Bar, I love It!

Last night was one of the funnest nights I have had in awhile. Jeremy and I headed to Arnold’s for like the 5th weekend in a row. Ha Ha. It is one of the only places that does not have a 10 dollar + cover and drinks are cheap. Blue Moon Pitchers for around 10 dollars is a great price in Hawaii.

Now if only we didnt drink like 6 of them…

Anyways, we met these girls from Germany that were awesome to party with. They just arrived here and were looking to party hard and we did.

Another great thing about Honolulu is that we can walk just about everywhere. I do not own a car so I never have to worry about drinking and driving which is always a good thing.

Well stay tuned to some more crazy stories, I am sure there will be plenty.

One thought on “Arnold’s Tiki Bar, I love It!

  1. Ryan Helland

    This place is so cool. I Love it there i just turned 21 and it was the 1st place i went. I have only been twice but i am going to be there lots more. it was a blast.


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