Austin Kickball League Is Underway


(Photo by calmenda)

Last night was the season opener for our Austin kickball league, which is being put on by the Parks and Recreation crew. It’s a great time and a fun way to meet new people. Best part of all is that a lot of the players drink beer, wine, or booze during the games (myself included). It’s the perfect combination of two very unique sports…

The only downside is beer doesn’t taste as good when it starts coming up as you round third base. I guess it’s the price to pay the game.

1-0 So Far

We started off with a big win beating Project Mayhem 10-2. My team did an awesome job and worked perfectly as a team. My girlfriend had a good hit that brought me home and I managed to squeeze in a triple and bring a few runs home. I had a blast and can’t wait for the next week to roll around so we can play again. I have a lot of confidence in our team and think we can compete with all of the teams.

When & Where

If you want to check out a game or two, feel free to stop on by. If you come wearing TBD apparel (read the teams below) I might even hook you up with a free beer.

The games are played every Wednesday night from 6:30 Pm until 9:50 PM at Gillis Park. If you are not sure where that is, it is located at 2504 Durwood Avenue. For more information about the park, check out the Park Profile page.

The Teams

Here is a breakdown of all the teams in our Wednesday night league:

  • Bust-N-Balls
  • Juevos De Miercoles
  • Grass Kickers
  • Project Mayhem
  • TBD
  • Clam Club
  • Pilsnerds
  • Triple Star Kickers
  • Where My Pitches At

The bold team above is the team my girlfriend and I are on. If you didn’t get the joke, it basically stands for “To Be Determined.” It’s pretty funny, especially since I overheard the team we played talking about how they weren’t sure who they had to play. They actually thought it was TBD.

Personally, I think Where My Pitches at is also a brilliant name. However, word on the street is that they are really good so that’s a matchup I’m looking forward to.

Each week, I’ll post a recap of our games so you can follow us on our road to the perfect kickball season. Wish us luck!

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