September 9, 2008

Avenue of the Giants

After leaving San Francisco and heading north, it was time to go check out the Coastal Redwoods. I have heard of the Redwood National Park a few times, and have seen it in a few books as being one of the places to see before you die. It is one of the biggest attractions Northern California is known for.

The Avenue of the Giants

When heading north on highway 101, you eventually come to a point where the Avenue of Giants begins. This is a 31 mile stretch of the old highway 101, which runs parallel with the new highway. The sign, which can be seen here:

Avenue of the Giants Sign

shows the two routes that run through the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The Avenue of the Giants is much more scenic and allows you to see the Redwoods up close.

Redwoods Are HUGE!

When I first saw the Redwoods, I was amazed at the size of these trees. They are gigantic! Some of them were easily as wide as my car, if not bigger.  Here is a picture of my Cobalt sitting in front of the Redwoods:

Avenue of the Giants

Notice how tall the trees are? They are easily 30 stories high. Not to mention the trunks are enormous. Here is another picture of me standing inside a Redwood:

Redwoods of California

A Drive Worth Taking

The Avenue of the Giants is definitely worth checking out. The drive does not take that long, and really gives you a glimpse of Northern California. It is much different than the rest of the state. There are plenty of places to camp nearby, including the city of Eureka. It is about 30 minutes to Eureka from the end of the scenic drive.

3 thoughts on “Avenue of the Giants

  1. David Leonhardt Happiness

    These are awesome photos. I can imagine what a drive that would be. This summer we hit the Maritimes, climbing some impressive mountains, picking up crabs, and frolicking in the waves hitting the sand dunes of PEI. There’s nothing like connecting with nature, especially when it is a different nature than what you are accustomed to.

    David Leonhardt

    David Leonhardt Happinesss latest blog post..Happiness is reading

  2. world of signs

    oh wow. i think i have never seen trees those big.from where i came from, trees don’t get the chance to grow that big, either they die of malnutrition or being cut down to give way to some economic zone..


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