Some Awesome Improv Videos

While surfing around YouTube yesterday, I managed to find an awesome T Mobile commercial that aired in Europe (I think). It has a bunch of people dancing in a train station which was pretty awesome. Check it out:

After I watched that video, I ended up clicking on some related videos. This lead me to watching all of the videos from Improve Everywhere. Here are some of my favorites.

Best Buy

A bunch of people dressed up in blue shirts and khakis walk into a Best Buy store…hillarious!

Frozen Grand Central

A huge group of people freeze for 5 minutes in Grand Central Station, then continue on with their normal tasks.

Slo-Mo Home Depot

A bunch of people go shopping at Home Depot and start moving in slow motion. Very weird…

No Shirts

Exactly 111 guys walk into Abercrombie without their shirts on. It’s pretty damn funny since all of the posters in the store usually have guys with their shirts off.

For more videos, check out their website: Improv Everywhere

3 thoughts on “Some Awesome Improv Videos

  1. Erica

    Cool! I love the first video and the one from Grand Central Station. I like seeing how everyone around them reacts. I’m gonna have to post these on my blog.


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