August 12, 2009

Back From Beach Camping


Well I just got back from my beach camping trip and it was a ton of fun. We went back to Padre Island and camped at the same location we did last time. Luckily my girlfriend got some time off this time so we were able to stay longer.

We left on Saturday morning and arrived on Padre Island around 1 in the afternoon. It was super hot as expected, even the water was a warm 87 degrees.

No Shade

If you missed my last post about camping on Padre Island, I talked a little about how there is NO shade on the island. You are literally on the beach under the hot sun all day. So this time we did a much better job of coming prepared.

We brought along a portable canopy this time so we had plenty of shade to sit under. Check it out:


Besides the tent, we also brought a radio and grill, two things we were missing the last time we camped. It’s so much more fun when you have some tunes to listen to.

Shower and Facilities

The other mistake we made last time was camping too far away from the bathrooms and showers. This time we were only a short walk away from the facilities. Just be warned that they have no lights in the bathrooms and the floors can be pretty slick.

My girlfriend and I took an LED light with us at night and my girlfriend ended up slipping and dropping it on the floor. At that point, we were stuck using our feet to find the damn batteries in the pitch black since neither of us wanted to touch the floors.

10 minutes after that happened, I took the light into the bathroom and slipped on the floor as well. Instead of dropping the light on the floor, I ended up dropping the thing in the toilet. The walk back to our camp was sure dark…

Only Downside is Sand

The only downside to camping on the beach is the sand. It literally gets on everything. I had sand in my pockets, sand in my shoes, and sand in my drinks. Plus the car and tent are completely covered in sand.

There’s really no way of escaping the sand. I guess it’s a small price to pay to sleep on the beach.

Another awesome thing about the island is the night sky. You can see a ton of stars and it reminds me a lot of camping in the White Sands. It’s amazing how quiet it gets at night once the day campers leave. It’s definitely worth checking out.

PS. Check out this awesome cloud I snapped a picture of:


5 thoughts on “Back From Beach Camping

  1. Aaron

    The sandy beaches and the canoes remind me of when I was in the Philippiens. They use these little boats called pump boats, practically a homemade version of a canoe with these little motors in them to get around. Very pooply made but it did the trick for them.

  2. Dean


    Like the picture of the cloud… never seen on like that before.

    Did you not worry about safety, as you were all alone on the beah at night ?


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