February 21, 2011

Beacon Rock State Park

One of the first places my girlfriend and I wanted to check out in the Pacific Northwest was the Columbia River Gorge. It’s a canyon of the Columbia River that stretches for over 80 miles.

So we decided to check out Beacon Rock State Park, which features an 850 foot rock that sits right along the river. You can climb the rock year-round thanks to a very steep trail that leads to the top. Here’s what it looks like:

Looking Down At the Trail

Looking Up at the Trail Ahead

The good news is the trail is only 3/4 of a mile so the steep hike doesn’t take very long. Once you get to the top you get a great view of the Columbia River Gorge.

Here’s a few photos from the top of Beacon Rock:

View from the Top

Another View from the Top

If you’re ever in the Portland area, I highly recommend stopping by this park since it’s a great place to see the Columbia River Gorge. For more photos, check out my Beacon Rock photo gallery.

8 thoughts on “Beacon Rock State Park

  1. airstream

    That’s a pretty steep trail. I think I would have to increase my level of activity for a few months just to get in shape enough to make that climb. It looks like a wonderful spot though.


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