June 11, 2009

Beer and Blog Austin Is Here!

beerblogaustinwoodSome goods news for everyone here in Austin. I just started up the Beer and Blog Austin Chapter!

The site just went up and I have already done some work on it and put up the first post describing the group an what it is about.

You can check out the first post on our blog now: Beer and Blog Austin Is Starting Up!

What Is Beer and Blog?

Basically, it is a weekely meetup where fellow bloggers come together to help each other out and drink beer. It’s the perfect combination to have a great time and also meet new people.

The group is open to anyone that is interested in attending. It doesn’t matter what you blog about, which platform you use, or how much experience you have. Just show up and check it out!

When and Where?

This part is still up for debate. I am still trying to find the best bar to have the weekly meetups at. Ideally, the bar would have all of the following qualities:

  • Cheap Drinks
  • Free Wifi (That Works)
  • Central Location (I’m Thinking Either Downtown or Soco)
  • Did I Mention Cheap Drinks?

So if you have any suggestions on where we can meet, please feel free to leave a comment here or over at the Austin Chapter website. At first thought, I’m thinking about Doc’s Motorworks since I know they have free wifi.

Get Updates

If you want to stay up to date on future events and announcements, feel free to subscribe in one of three ways:

I plan to update all of the above whenever we have a new event scheduled. I will also write a post here and on the official Beer and Blog Austin page.

Help Spread The Word!

The next step is finding bloggers here in the Austin area. If you are a blogger in Austin, please feel free to write a quick post about the group. The more people we can get involved the better it will be for everyone.  You can also spread the word via Twitter (I started using the #bnbaustin hashtag).

I look forward to meeting some fellow bloggers here in Austin (and drinking some beer)!

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