Beer Pong Invades CVS Stores

So I was wandering around a CVS Pharmacy here in Phoenix yesterday, when I managed to find something interesting. I was checking out the liquor section (of course) and saw some plastic cups and ping pong balls.

My first thought was, Beer Pong! And then I thought how convient it was to put these items near the beer. I have never seen a store, other than liquor stores, put items like this near the alcohol.

What I found to be even more interesting, was the fact that the price tag said table Ping Pong balls/beer pong right on it. Check out the pic:

Beer Pong Price Tag

So I guess drinking games are finally becoming recognized as real games, lol. Whats next? I am guessing either the Jenga price tag will say Jenga/Drinking Jenga or the clear plastic cups will say Cups/Flip Cup.

Oh wait, even better, the Twister game will say Twister/Drunk Naked Twister in the toys section. Just wait until little Jimmy see’s that. Mommy Mommy! I want this game!

I think it would be awesome if more price tags had more than one description. Cheap Tequila could say Tequila/What Did I do Lastnight?, or perhaps the condoms could say Latex Condoms/Ackward Morning.

6 thoughts on “Beer Pong Invades CVS Stores

  1. Matt Savage

    I’ve seen beer pong kits sold in convenience stores near college campuses but they usually have some sort of disclaimer like, “this is a novelty item and should played using water”. I’ve never seen it marketed using the term “beer” though, seems a bit dangerous for them from a public relations standpoint. If they get labeled as a promoter of binge drinking, it’s not gonna give them a lot of credibility…except maybe with the beer pong advocates…which I happen to be:)

  2. Factory Stress

    Maybe I’ll give CVS a call and try to sell them my Ultimate Beer Pong Mat. Maybe I can get a display rack next to the Beer Pong/ Ping Pong Balls. Check out my fully customizable Beer Pong Mats @

  3. Best Beer Pong Tables

    Beer Pong is definitely becoming more recognized in general. There are more tournaments popping up every month and it is without a doubt the most popular drinking game ever. It’s only a matter of time..


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