Best Job Title Ever: Reality Checker

The Story

I think I may have finally found my dream job. I have been looking for some time now for a job that I would enjoy and not hate.

Well lately I have been going home everyday for lunch around 1 PM to watch the show, “Urban Legends” on the Discovery channel. It is basically a show that takes popular urban legends and then puts them to the test and says whether or now they really took place.

For example, everyone has heard the saying that you should not pee in a pool. Why? Well because they might have the special chemical in it that makes the water turn red or purple. No one wants to be caught urinating in the pool!

well guess what, this so called “chemical” does not even exist. So go on, piss in the pool. No one is going to know, unless they feel the warm spot…

What About the Job?

On this Urban legends show, they have people they refer to as “Reality Checkers.” They go out into the world and put these ideas to the test. They do some investigating and interview different people that may know more about myths and whether or not they are possible.

An example was the pool myth I just mentioned. The Reality Checker would be responsible for going out and actually interviewing people that sell and make pool chemicals. After a little investigation, the Reality Checker would have concluded that this myth was completly made up.
I would love this job!!! Just imagine the conversations:

Someone: “What do you do for a living?”

Me: “Oh, I am a Reality Checker.”

Someone: “What the heck is that?”

Me: “Well I basically go around the world and check things to see if they are real. Ever heard of urban legends? Stories that people pass down but may or may not actually be true. Yeah, I am the guy that goes out to see if they are real or not.”

Someone: “That is the coolest thing ever! What does it pay?”

Me: “13.75 an hour plus bennies. I also have a pretty flexible schedule.”

Job Qualifications

My only question, is what are the qualifications for a position like this? A degree in Reality perhaps? I seem to think I know a lot about reality, especially how to live outside of it. I also have 22 years of experience living within reality, so that should qualify me for something?


I am on a search to find this job. It just so happens a ton of the things shown on this show appear to be in Arizona. The show is on the Discovery Channel, so I may just be sending an email there way asking what I need to do to get into a position like this.

So you’re saying there’s a chance…?

PS. Tune in tomorrow, another chapter of my life has just been completed…

5 thoughts on “Best Job Title Ever: Reality Checker

  1. Remi

    The job exists for sure, since you were able to visualize it. Just go ahead and make it real!

    You know, I grew up in Europe, and the same story circulated about peeing in the pools. It took me to be an adult to realize that one could quietly pee while in the pool.

    You could mentor millions of kids!!!

  2. Josh

    Thats awesome, I want to be the first person I know to say “I know a guy who is a reality checker.” Keep us posted on your quest to discover the truth in life.

  3. ameo

    looks like it would be really interesting job .
    i mean for the one who will travel around the globe for it :)

    would be much fun.

    as for what is real and what isn’t real ..
    if we don’t have that pool myth then folks won’t talk at the pool about it .

    i think false reality is sometimes solid part of us as the fact we are alive


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