My Blog Bailout Check!


If you haven’t heard, the government has decided to bail us bloggers out. The exact value of your bailout check is determined by the following attributes:

  • Incoming Links
  • Alexa Rank
  • PageRank
  • Technorati Rank

There are also a few secret things that can affect your total bailout amount but these have not been made public yet.

How To Claim Your Bailout

To make a bailout claim for your blog, you simple need to go to this website:

Once you go to the website, simply enter in the URL of your blog and it will automatically calculate how much money you should receive as part of the blog bailout. Don’t worry if it’s only a small amount because any free money is a good thing right now.

Depending on when you claim your bailout, you should receive your check in a few short weeks. If it happens to get lost in the mail, simply fill out bailout calculator again and cross your fingers. The company that runs the calculator is not responsible for lost checks.

The Drawback

The only drawback to claiming your blog in the bailout plan is that the amount you receive will be taxed at around 90% due to the ease of use tax. There is always a price to pay to use simple calculators such as this one.

Luckily, the check you receieve is printed on poster board and has no monetary value as this whole thing is for entertainment purposes only…

At least it was fun getting a fake check for $10,076,392.00 in the mail.

11 thoughts on “My Blog Bailout Check!

  1. Adam

    Nice! So, now that you’re rich, how about hiring your readers as your digital nomad posse and traveling around the world in true style?


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