Blog Post Frequency Experiment Results

Back on March 18th, I wrote a post about blog post frequency and an experiment I was conducting. Now that it has been a few weeks, I thought I would go back and take a look at my traffic stats ever since I started writing a little less frequently.

Here are my stats starting two weeks before the experiment through April 12th:


Not Much Change

As you can see from the graph, not a whole lot of changes took place. If anything, my traffic started increasing a little bit since I spent more time promoting my blog than writing. I did not notice any dips in traffic from not posting for a few days which was suprising to see.

The search engine traffic I received everyday kept my traffic pretty consistent which is a good thing to see. I also experienced a gain of 12 RSS subscribers during the time period. I also blame this on the fact that I spent more time promoting my blog.

Conclusion: Blog Post Frequency Isn’t That Important

Based on the traffic stats, I have concluded that blog post frequency is not nearly as important as some people may think. Readers will still continue to read your blog, regardless if you post everyday or once or twice a week.

The two benefits that I can see from posting often are: Getting more posts indexed in the search engines and getting more of your RSS subscribers to visit your actual blog everyday. However, these are not that big of deal unless your blog is new and still not generating a decent amount of traffic from the search engines.

What it really comes down to is marketing and promoting your blog. The more time you spend marketing the more traffic your posts will see. But marketing alone will not make up for good content. So it’s also important to write great posts, even if it’s only once or twice a week.

What Now?

Based on this blog post frequency experiment, I have decided to not follow a set posting schedule. Instead of trying to write a certain amount of posts each week, I am simply going to write when I have something to say. That way I won’t force myself to write on certain days if I don’t have anything good to write.

Now I need to find some new ideas for experiments…any suggestions?

12 thoughts on “Blog Post Frequency Experiment Results

  1. The Computer Lady

    Thanks for sharing the results of your experiment Justin.

    I write everyday, sometimes 6 times a day on 2 blogs. I have other blogs that I only update once a week or maybe even once every 2 weeks.

    The only advantage I see of posting daily on the 2 blogs is that I make money with the Google ads that appear in the feed. If there were no posts for that day I wouldn’t make that money.

    If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t be posting all of the time. It’s very tiring :-)

    I agree that the key is to get the traffic coming first. Then you can coast a bit. That’s the hardest thing though – traffic.


    1. Justin Wright Post author

      That’s actually something I forgot to mention in the post! I did notice that the more I write, the more clicks I get from Adsense in my feed. However, I don’t average a lot of clicks from my feeds (compared to my actual site) so it didn’t really affect my earnings much.

      But I can definitely see how writing everyday would help.

  2. Zippy

    I like the idea of having writing days and promoting days. I’m BAD at promoting and I should be spending as much time on that end of the business.

    Like Wendy I also post frequently. I almost feel guilty if I don’t. BUT, I have noticed that there were a few days where I couldn’t post and my readership remained high. My problem is that I have so much information that I want to get out there, that if I don’t post frequently I get BACKED UP!!!

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      I know how it is to get backed up. I would suggest writing all of your posts on your mind and then just saving them as drafts (or schedule them in the future). That way you can still get all your thoughts written down and then you can spread them out a little bit so you have time to promote them all as best as you can.

      Or just keep posting them everyday because it doesn’t hurt : )

  3. Adam

    It’s a delicate balance. When bloggers are first starting out they should definitely post more than promote. Obviously, it’s tough to promote a blog if there’s only a few posts there. But, after a while, when you’ve already got a ton of great content built up, it’s important to get out there and promote that content.

    Still, content is king. Without that great content all the promotion in the world won’t help. Quality over quantitiy for sure. Though, I think when starting out it’s important to have frequent postings to show readers and the search engines that the blog it’s a one hit wonder.

  4. Erica

    Like Adam, I agree that content is king. But marketing and promoting will take your blog to the next level and set you apart from those who don’t make the effort to ‘spread the word’.

  5. Kai Lo

    I check your site everyday regardless. Also, your new posts might not get indexed into search engine quick enough for you to see much difference.

  6. GregR

    I think that a blog has to get critical mass before you can ease off the posting gas pedal. There is a point from my experience where posts+comments become organic and hold themselves. However what is also true is that the nature motion of a blog is backwards so you have to do a certain amount of work to stay where you are.

    1. Robby G

      @GregR: I totally agree with that. Once you’ve been posting a lot already, only you may post less frequently and instead spend more time promoting since now new readers have the archives to go to.


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