Time To Build A Better Blog In 31 Days

Today I want to share some news about a course starting soon and publicly commit to doing it. The course I am talking about is 31 Days To Build A Better Blog. Darren Rowse is kicking off the third installment of the series on April 1st.

What Is It?

It’s basically a crash course on blogging and what you can do to make your blog better. It’s like going back to school but for something fun to learn. Each day of the course will teach you a theory as well as a few tasks (like homework) to complete.

Darren added a new feature this year where you can subscribe via Aweber and then receive daily emails during the course. The emails will have more information in them so I highly recommend signing up. You can always unsubscribe when the course is done.

It sounds like an awesome event and the best part of all is it’s FREE!

I’m Committing To It

I have read some of his older posts from the first installment and really learned some valuable stuff from it. That’s why I have decided to commit myself to doing this years challenge. In the past, I did not have enough time to commit to the project but this year I have decided to make time. I really want to learn more about blogging and I have a feeling this course will do just that.

I also want to give it a shot because I have never tried a daily course like this that will teach you something. I have seen other 30 day courses for various things but always overlooked them trying to find faster results. I think it will be a great way to commit to something and see what happens with some constant effort over time.

A Few Reasons To Give It A Shot

This course may not be for everyone but I highly suggest giving it a shot. Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen from it? Your blog gets a few more hits? Not exactly a bad thing.

Here are few more reasons why I think you should give it a shot:

  • Learn From A Master – Darren is a master when it comes to blogging and learning everything we can from him will only help us.
  • Motivation To Keep Blogging – One of the things I struggle with sometimes is the motivation to keep going. I have a feeling this course will help motivate any blogger to keep working hard.
  • Take Your Blog To The Next Level – Besides staying motivated, you can also learn the skills to take your blog to the next level.

If that doesn’t convince you to try it..then just do it anyway.

One Week To Sign Up

The course is set to kick off in one week so head on over to Problogger and sign up now. If you are going to try the course, please feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to have a few fellow bloggers doing it with me so we can help each other out.

10 thoughts on “Time To Build A Better Blog In 31 Days

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    Ironically enough I unsubscribed from the Problogger feed a while back because I just got too much good information from him and never had the time to implement it all. I spent all this time reading and tweaking instead of focusing on the content.

    Anyway, you and Daniel Scocco blogged about this today so I’ll take the word of two of my favorite bloggers and go ahead and sign up.

  2. NjClarke

    I’m already signed up to it, looking forward to it. I’ve been using problogger for tips for a few months now and hope that this’ll work well for me


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