Dispersed Camping in Flagstaff

This past weekend, I decided to take a camping trip up North in Flagstaff.

The drive up to Flagstaff was rather interesting, considering the person I went with got a speeding ticket going 92 mph. Apparently anything over 85 in the state of Arizona is considered a criminal defense and results in a stay at the local jail.

Luckily…she didn’t get hauled away and the cop was nice enough to knock it down to a civil ticket which just resulted in a fine.

After that whole thing, the tricky part became trying to find a campground with open spots. We didn’t get to Sedona until around 6 and a lot of people were already camping. Not good…

So what did we end up doing? We decided to give dispersed camping a try. Basically we just drove down a random forest road outside of Flagstaff city limits and looked for an open campsite in the woods. We managed to find one about a mile in off the main road that had a fire ring and everything already there.

So we set up camp there, about a mile from any other campsites. At first I was little nervous about the whole idea since there are a lot of things in the woods. Bears and Elk to name a few.

So it finally got dark the first night and we decided to hop in the tent and call it a night. All I can say is damn, the ground sure is hard. My back will never be the same after sleeping in that tent for two nights.

And if that wasn’t enough, both mornings around 4 AM the Elk decided to just start making random grunting noises throughout the woods. A few times, I actually heard the elk walking near our tent.

So the second night, instead of slamming Blue Moon’s all night, we decided to get some liquor and get really drunk. We figured that would make the awkward forest sounds, cold-ass weather, and hard ground a tad more bearable. Here is where Sailor Jerry comes into the story.

If you don’t know him, Sailor Jerry is a man that will take away everything from you and and leave you with nothing more than an awkward morning and a migraine headache. It just so happens to be 92 proof rum and that extra proof really catches up with you.

Sunday morning was an ass kicking and I was hurting big time. My head was pounding and I felt like the world was spinning in different directions. It is time to take a break from the booze once again.

So yeah, camping was definitely a nice experience, except for the dozen hot dogs, s’mores, and beers I ended up drinking. It really reminds us how many things we take for granted in our normal daily rituals like taking a shower and sleeping in a bed.

I may have gotten the best sleep ever last night, thanks to my nice bed :)

9 thoughts on “Dispersed Camping in Flagstaff

  1. Mark

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun on that trip. We went camping last year and found the ground hard even with a foam matress. I bet you woke up with that hangover and swore never to do it again. I have vowed this many times in my life but I bet it won’t be the last hangover I have.

  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Yeah, the wilderness is cool. I’m going on a canoe trip in a couple weeks in Saco, Maine and the big takeaway from last year’s trip to Saco was that kiwis make a great morning breakfast wakeup and clear the cobwebs deal. Don’t go cheap, get good organic kiwis (about $.50 for one, and all you really need is one) and take after drinking some water. Best hangover cure ever.

  3. Megan

    Any chance you remember about where this campsite is? Looking to do the same thing but we don’t want to end up driving around all night.

  4. Georgia Camping

    Camping is a great deal of fun. The cop was nice to do that, I wish I could catch a break from one.

    And Sailor Jerry is a cruel, cruel man. Should of stuck with the Blue Moon :p

  5. John Musca

    I have some great childhood camping memories up in New Hampshire. Then there is Maine to which my father calls *GOD’S COUNTRY*. The funniest thing about camping with my family is that my mother would bring a float (the ones for the pool) for her to sleep on and if that was not enough she brought along an IRON…yes folks an IRON as she could not have her shorts and tshirts wrinkled as it may offend the wildlife *lol*. For us kids…sadly the beer was off limits *lol*. Never had to worry about speeding tickets as my Dad was a Boston Detective at the time *wicked grin*.

  6. airstream

    Camping in Flagstaff would be so nice because it would be a lot warmer than where I camp in the Pacific Northwest. My fondest memories are of camping along the coast and enjoying the lakes and beaches in the Summertime. Camping in the Rockies is beautiful too but of course it’s colder at higher elevations. I’d love to make it to Flagstaff one day and check out the spots there. Happy camping!


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