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Moved To A New Server

Last night, I finished moving my blog over to a new server. Everything should now be complete and there should be no issues (I hope).

Why The Move?

Over the last two years, my blog has been hosted on a GoDaddy shared server. It worked great in the beginning but it’s been getting slower as each week goes by. It’s most likely from having more daily visitors, using more images, and adding more and more posts.

Luckily, my blog should now be loading MUCH faster, which is great for all of us. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you notice the speed difference (or any issues).

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Use FriendFeed As A Lifestream

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing some cleaning up on my blog over the last week and a half. I’ve removed a few things from my single post pages, as well as made some changes to my sidebar. The main thing I did with the sidebar is integrated a lifestream showing all my updates from various websites and social networks. Here’s how I did it:

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Woopra: Analytics On Steroids

woopra-logoOne of the things I took away from WordCamp Dallas/Fort Worth was a Woopra account. Prior to the event, I had never heard of the analytics service. However, I am now fascinated by it and can’t stop playing around with it.

What Makes Woopra Any Different Than Google Analytics?

The answer is real-time stats. I can literally see who is on my website anytime I feel like it. I can also see what page they are viewing, where they originally came from, and all the brower/operating system stats I could want.

If that isn’t enough, I can even send a chat request to anyone currently visiting my site and have a real IM style conversation. It’s amazing!

It sure beats looking at delayed stats…

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Back From #wcdfw09

I Made the drive back from Dallas last night and managed to make it in one piece. Overall, WordCamp Dallas/Fort Worth (#wcdfw09) turned out to be an awesome event where I learned some awesome things about WordPress. I met some awesome people (including @sivori, @claygriffiths, @grantgriffiths and @plagiarismtoday) and learned about the future of WordPress […]

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TweetDeck Vs. Tweetie

twitter-appsI’m hanging out at WordCamp Dallas (Live Stream) and it seems like everyone is using desktop applications for Twitter. However, when it comes to which one is the best it’s a mixed bag. People seem to all have different opinions based on how they use Twitter.

Some people prefer TweetDeck while others prefer Tweetie. Someone even told me about Nambu which is a brand new application that’s still in beta. I gave it a quick try but wasn’t feeling it so I uninstalled it right away.

I’ve been using TweetDeck since it first came out and have been really happy with it. I like the fact you can monitor everything using columns and it has a boatload of features.

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