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5 Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

It’s Monday already? Whoa! That means it’s time for another episode of Digital Nomad Radio. This week’s episode is all about beating writer’s block. A fellow blogger sent me an email asking how I managed to come up with new ideas to write about everyday and I thought I would answer her questions and share them with everyone.


Here’s a sneak peek of the 5 tips to beat writer’s block:

  • Write Down Your Post Ideas – It’s simple. Right down your post ideas!
  • Use Other Blogs As Inspiration – Check out other blogs for some good ideas and topics to cover in your own posts.
  • Read Websites Like Yahoo, CNN, Etc. – Use websites like Yahoo as a place to find articles. Then spin them in your own words and add to them.
  • Look Back At Your Old Posts For Ideas – You have an archives page right? When’s the last time you took a look at it for some blog post ideas?
  • When You’re In A Writing Mood…Keep Going! – So you’re in the zone and writing like a mad man. Don’t stop after one post!

Click the read more button below or the post title above to listen to the episode.

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The Power Of A Notebook

If I were to tell you about a cutting edge tool that will make your blog (and life) better, you would probably want to learn more about it. Am I right? I thought so. However, if I told you that this cutting edge tool was a notebook, you would probably call me crazy. That’s right, a plain ol’ spiral notebook with real paper in it.

It’s true that of all the tools I have utilized in my life, nothing has been more beneficial than a notebook. It’s the once place I can write down whatever I want, whenever I want. I constantly write down thoughts and ideas that I want to remember later on.

Carrying around a notebook started as an experiment but I have now made it a habit to take a notebook with me everywhere I go. Especially when traveling.

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10 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Miss

When it comes to using WordPress, nothing beats plugins. They make our lives easier by doing the things we don’t want to. They add features that aren’t included in WordPress and overall make our blogs (and lives) better. I decided it was time to share some of the best WordPress plugins I have been using […]

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Where Is Your Blog Going?

One of the toughest obstacles I have had in my blogging journey is trying to pick a direction. It’s really difficult to decide on a path and stick to it. When I first started blogging, it was more of a diary where I shared my stories, drunken adventures, and cubicle rants. Since then, my blog […]

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Life As A Freelance Blogger

First off, thanks for checking out the first ever podcast here on Life of Justin! I really hope you enjoy it. For each podcast, I will feature the mp3 link along with the built in player. Simply click the play button and you’re good to go.

I will also try my best to type of the podcast or include some notes. That way if you don’t have speakers or a place to listen, you can still read it. As my podcast get longer (which they will), I will most likely start summarizing them instead of writing them out in full.

Anyways, lets get started. Click read more below to listen to the podcast.

Read It Instead:

As you all know, I quit my office job back in October and have not had a job since. Its been a long and winding road ever since then. When I first quit, I had a full-time blogging position with a company here in Phoenix. I got paid to write blog posts, market the blog, and do all the design work. This was a great step in the right direction because it gave me the income I needed to live off of and still let me work from home.

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A New Look For A New Year

Right before 2009 came around, I had the idea of redesigning my blog to celebrate a new year of blogging. Unfortunately, I was swamped the last few weeks with freelance work and didn’t get around to it.

But over the last 25 hours I have managed to put together a brand new look for Life of Justin. I’m pretty much ready to go to sleep at this point for the next 15 hours or so…

Why The Change?

Ever since changing to my last theme, I have been chopping my theme up to the point where I hardly even knew what was going on. I had a ton of templates for each category and different sidebars. Instead of cleaning it up, I just wanted to dump the thing and start fresh.

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