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Time To Announce My New Blog

Well everyone, it feels like just the other day I was writing a post about my new photoblog. Today, I would like to share another blog I have been working on.


My new new blog is going to be a place to find blog tips and tutorials. I have spent a large amount of time on blogging and have jotted down notes along the way of things I have used to make this blog better. I will cover everything from the basics of blogging to the more advanced things like tinkering with Wordpress. My goal is to share it all with everyone.

The Newsletter

The BlogHelp newsletter is going to feature blog tips, advice, and secrets. I will send out a new edition as often as I can and it will try to include the best blog tips I can find. The best part of all, is the free book that I am giving away for signing up. It’s a book about how to get more traffic from leaving blog comments. It’s over 20 pages long and has already helped a few bloggers.

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The Power Of Guest Posting

One technique to gain more visibility for your blog is guest posting. By placing a post on someone else’s blog, you are putting yourself in front a whole new audience. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get a guest post on Problogger. I wanted to share my guest posting experience and the results I got from it.

A Slight Traffic Boost

As soon as my guest post went up on Saturday, I started to notice a spike in traffic. I managed to get over 300 referrals from Problogger over the last two days. I also saw more traffic coming from other sources such as Twitter.

It’s true that this amount of traffic is kind of small compared to other sources such as StumbleUpon. However, I think this traffic is much more targeted and much more likely to become a daily reader instead of simply moving on to the next blog.

An Increase In Twitter Followers

One of the things I was not expecting was a rush of new Twitter followers. Over the last two days, I have gained more than 50 followers. My only guess as to how it happened is that people came here from Problogger and clicked the “follow me on Twitter” button on the right sidebar.

I am not sure if the followers will stick with me or not, but I have no reason to believe they won’t. So I just want to say Hey! to all my new followers.

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Guest Post On Problogger

Hey everyone, hope your having a great weekend. I rarely post on weekends but I just wanted to share my guest post over at Problogger. The post, 5 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging has received some awesome feedback so far. I am really excited about it.

Also, if your visiting from Problogger, you might want to check out my interview I did awhile back with Darren Rowse. If has some good information in it about becoming a successful blogger.

Have a great weekend and tune in on Monday for some new pictures, I just upgraded to a Nikon D80.

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Map Out Blog Posts With Google Maps

A few days ago, I was looking something up on Google maps and found the ability to create custom maps. I had heard of the option before, but never took the time to screw around with it. After playing around with it, I managed to find a real cool thing you can do with it for your blog. Check it out!

View Blog Posts Based On Location

View Larger Map
Basically, you can click on any destination and it will show some of the posts I have placed in the menu.

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Brand Yourself With A Twitter Background

Over the last few months, I have started to use Twitter (follow me) more and more. I think it is a great tool to stay in touch with friends, share links and information, and meet new people. I even wrote a post explaining 13 reasons you should follow me on Twitter.

The key to being popular on Twitter is setting yourself apart from everyone else. And what better way to do that then to make a sweet twitter background to customize your profile. I first noticed this in action when I saw Darren Rowse’s Twitter profile, which features a huge picture of his face in the background. It sure made his profile stick out.

Generic Backgrounds Are Lame

Although people are starting to create custom backgrounds, it is still early in the game. I still see a good portion of people using the generic backgrounds provided by Twitter. People may argue that it isn’t worth spending the time to create a custom one but I disagree. By spending a little time now, you can have a custom background up and running for some time to come. If you do it right the first time, you may never have to go back to edit it.

Besides, who wants to be normal? It’s the same concept as a MySpace page. People love to customize them because it sets them apart from everyone else. Which leads us to the next section…

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Launching My New Blog Today

Today brings some great news. I have decided to share my new blog with everyone. I’ve been working on it for awhile now but haven’t spread the word about it yet. Although it’s not completely done, it’s usable and already filled with a few weeks of content.

So…What Is It About?

As everyone knows, I love photography. Therefore, I decided to start a daily photoblog. I think it will be a great way for me to share my photos with even more people. The other reason I started it is because I have accumulated a ton of photos since I have been traveling a lot more. It’s hard to squeeze them all into blog posts here on this blog.

As far as the domain name goes, I chose to go with my name because I wanted to make it a portfolio. Instead of spending time making an actual portfolio, I figured it would be much more beneficial to just go with a blog.

I haven’t decided yet if I am going to include any written posts on the blog. My guess is probably not…

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