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I Will Not Die

Any follower of this blog knows, that over the last year I have had some struggles with office jobs. I have wanted nothing more than to leave my cubicle job to get out and actually do something with my life. Luckily, I managed to build enough courage and motivation last week to give my notice and start pursing a full-time career as a blogger.

With all of that said, I wanted to share a story very similar to mine. A few days ago, I received an email from Dereck Coatney. He is a blogger that shares the same visions as myself when it comes to jobs and life in general. So here is his story…

Cubicle Unhappy to Biking Expedition

Also known as C.U.B.E., is the name of Dereck’s expedition. Check out this page to see some YouTube videos he created for the journey. He also did an interview over at that really explains the details of what it is that he wants to do.

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News From the Weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I managed to get drunk, watch football, rip my blog theme apart, and completely rebuild most of it from the beginning up. I guess it was a pretty constructive weekend…

What’s New With the Theme?

Believe it or not, the entire theme itself is different. After hours on end of looking at php and css code, I managed to make it look VERY close to the old theme.

The first major difference is that the sidebar has been cleaned up and simplified. I wanted to incorporate a E-mail form so people can subscribe to receive updates, tips, and awesome information about anything I can think of. I even squeezed in links to all of my social network profiles.

I also added some new features to the homepage such as the Popular Posts section at the top. I wanted a way to showcase some of my best posts at the top along with some awesome pictures.

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13 Reasons To Follow Me on Twitter

Lately I have been getting a lot more in to Twitter. Or maybe I am just that much more bored at work and need something new to waste time on. Anyways, I like how easy it is to use and really makes staying in touch a lot easier. So, I decided to come up with a short list on why you should follow me:

1. The sheer randomness of my tweets.

Yes, there about as random as the posts on this blog. But hey, it makes life interesting.

2. It lets you know where in the world I am (I travel a lot)

Life of Justin has a lot to do with my adventures, so I tweet as much as I can while I am on the road.

3. Because I’m hilarious and you like to laugh

At least I try to be. You could always laugh at the fact that I actually thing of myself as being hilarious.

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This Blog is Now DoFollow

Four Reasons I Made The Change

First off, you might ask what does DoFollow mean?

Normally, when someone comments on a blog, the link the person receives back to their site is marked a “NoFollow,” which Google does not count. This was done to help limit the amount of spam people leave on websites. The problem with this is it takes away a lot of incentive for readers to leave feedback since they feel they do not get anything out of it.

Why I Made The Change to Dofollow:

1. It Helps Your Readers

Blogging is all about building friendships with fellow bloggers and helping one another. It’s like a big community and we try to share our success with others who have just started. One important way to help those who are just getting started, is by giving them a backlink to their site. I think it is really important to reward those who come to your blog and leave a meaniful comment about your post. It’s a way of saying “Thanks, I really appreciate the fact you read my post.”

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Blogging: What’s In It For You?

Five Things That Keep Me Going

People often send me E-mails or ask me in person why I blog? Is it for the money, the fame, the non-existent fortune? Well, I really wanted to sit down and think about it.

Hard at work..
Creative Commons License photo credit: Wyetha

The Freedom To Express Myself

By far the most important thing I get out of this blog, is the ability to express myself. I find myself to be an unsual, creative, and funny (once in a great while) type of person. I love to write about topics that people can relate to. More importantly, I really enjoy writing about things others want to say, but keep to themselves. Writing about my office job, believe it or not, has reminded me that a lot of people are in the same situation. Therefore, I love to write funny things I do to help cheer everyone else up that is stuck sitting in there small, scary, cubicle.

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New Theme – What Do You Think?

I moved over to a new Wordpress theme , called K2. I was looking for something that was easier to use and more importantly, easy to read. I think it is a lot easier to read now that the main content is on the left.

If you are new to the site, here is a snapshot of my old template:

Old Template

The process was a pain in the ass…

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