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Quitting Your Day Job

It’s Monday once again and that means it’s time for another episode of Digital Nomad Radio. In this weeks podcast, I answer the common question: How do I quit my day job? I discuss how I did it and what I experienced as a result. I also discuss what you should do to make it as easy as possible. I cover things like dealing with benefits, savings, and stress. You can’t miss it!


20 minutes and 45 seconds to be exact…


Here’s a quick peak at some of the points I make in this weeks episode:

  • Have An Existing Blog/Website – I talk a little about how important it is to already have an existing blog or website before you quit your job.
  • Be Ready To Work A Lot Harder – I give you some insight into life after quitting and why it’s more difficult at first.
  • Take A Look At Your Benefits – I discuss benefits and what you need to think about before you quit. A very important step, especially if you have a family.

So click the read more button below or the post title above to listen to the podcast. I hope you enjoy it!

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What Do Your Business Cards Say About You?

When it comes to promoting a blog or website, there is nothing better than some good ol’ fashion business cards. They give people a quick impression and provide some valuable information about who you are. However, it’s very important to take a look at your cards and ask yourself what they say about you.


Above is two new designs I had printed for my freelance website,

Business Cards Are An Important Tool

A business card says a lot about a person. The more unique and creative a card is, the more likely that person is unique and creative. It also gives a first impression that can last a lifetime, especially if you give it to someone you may never see in person again. That card might sit on someones desk for a long time and create an image in their head.

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Life As A Freelance Blogger

First off, thanks for checking out the first ever podcast here on Life of Justin! I really hope you enjoy it. For each podcast, I will feature the mp3 link along with the built in player. Simply click the play button and you’re good to go.

I will also try my best to type of the podcast or include some notes. That way if you don’t have speakers or a place to listen, you can still read it. As my podcast get longer (which they will), I will most likely start summarizing them instead of writing them out in full.

Anyways, lets get started. Click read more below to listen to the podcast.

Read It Instead:

As you all know, I quit my office job back in October and have not had a job since. Its been a long and winding road ever since then. When I first quit, I had a full-time blogging position with a company here in Phoenix. I got paid to write blog posts, market the blog, and do all the design work. This was a great step in the right direction because it gave me the income I needed to live off of and still let me work from home.

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Best Job In The World

If you haven’t seen this yet, you have to check it out. An Australian state is offering one of the coolest jobs ever. Not only does it pay $105,000, but it also includes free airfare and rent! Here is a link to the news article.

So What Is The Job?

From the looks of it, the main job responsibility is to just “hang out.” For 6 months, the person gets to surf, snorkel, and have all the fun they want down under. The main task is to report to the world via photos, blogs, and other forms of media. Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

I think I am a great candidate for the position. I can surf, snorkel, and stroll the beach with the best of them. Throw in my badass blogging skills and they can’t pass me up. Haha

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A New Journey Starts Today

Today is officially the first day of the rest of my life. I am finally free of the job that I have disliked since day one. I can now focus on building up my own web development business. It really surprises me how I managed to stay there as long as I did. Why Did […]

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