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News From the Weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I managed to get drunk, watch football, rip my blog theme apart, and completely rebuild most of it from the beginning up. I guess it was a pretty constructive weekend…

What’s New With the Theme?

Believe it or not, the entire theme itself is different. After hours on end of looking at php and css code, I managed to make it look VERY close to the old theme.

The first major difference is that the sidebar has been cleaned up and simplified. I wanted to incorporate a E-mail form so people can subscribe to receive updates, tips, and awesome information about anything I can think of. I even squeezed in links to all of my social network profiles.

I also added some new features to the homepage such as the Popular Posts section at the top. I wanted a way to showcase some of my best posts at the top along with some awesome pictures.

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Bored At Work? Try Flying!

So I downloaded Google Earth the other day at work, and my days have gone by faster ever since. When I first started using it, I simply typed in random places and looked around. This was pretty cool because I could look at places I had never been before. But then… The Flight Simulator I […]

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Introducing the Four Day Work Week

I was reading around today and came across an article about Utah state jobs. It appears that they are moving to a 4 day work week for many state workers to save money on energy costs. By shutting down the buildings on Friday, they can reduce the costs by 1/5th but still be just as […]

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Best Job Title Ever: Reality Checker

The Story I think I may have finally found my dream job. I have been looking for some time now for a job that I would enjoy and not hate. Well lately I have been going home everyday for lunch around 1 PM to watch the show, “Urban Legends” on the Discovery channel. It is […]

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