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Beer Pong Invades CVS Stores

So I was wandering around a CVS Pharmacy here in Phoenix yesterday, when I managed to find something interesting. I was checking out the liquor section (of course) and saw some plastic cups and ping pong balls. My first thought was, Beer Pong! And then I thought how convient it was to put these items […]

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Rock of Love 2 vs. Tuesdays

You read that title right. Today’s debate is between Rock of Love 2 and Tuesdays. I have officially changed my mind and now believe that Tuesday is the worst day of the week. I used to think Monday’s were the worst, but not so much anymore. Monday is just a slow transition from the weekend […]

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Not So Average Easter

So yesterday was Easter Sunday and I must admit mine was anything but ordinary. There was no Easter Egg hunts or Easter Bunnies in this story, just booze, partying, and some bad decisions. From the beginning of the day until 12 am, my Easter was out of control. It started by waking up at 9, […]

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