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Moving To Austin In A Few Weeks

(Photo by Velo Steve) If you haven’t noticed, it’s been pretty quiet around here for the last week or so. The reason is because I have been swamped with getting ready to make the move to Austin, Texas. The plan is to leave on the 28th and it is rapidly coming up. It seems like […]

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Great Urban Race: The Aftermath

If you missed my post last Thursday, I talked about the Great Urban Race coming to Phoenix this past weekend. I had pretty high hopes for doing good in the race (I don’t know why). Anyways, now that the race is over and I have all my pictures off my camera, it’s time to break […]

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Great Urban Race Is Coming To Phoenix!

Creative Commons – photo credit: jrover Something I have always wanted to do is get on the Amazing Race. It totally fits into the digital nomad lifestyle and I think I would be pretty good at it. Plus I like to solve random riddles whenever I get a chance. Unfortunately, I haven’t landed a spot […]

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The Cardinals Are Super Bowl Bound!

For those of you who missed it, the Arizona Cardinals beat the Eagles yesterday to go to the Super Bowl. The game was awesome and I was on the edge of my seat the entire second half. Who would of thought? The Cardinals in the Super Bowl…

It’s been a long year of watching football, especially since the Cardinals ended the regular season looking pretty ugly. Luckily they turned it around when the playoffs started and have been looking good since.

Head To Tampa?

Following the game, I had the bright idea of taking a road trip to Tampa to check it out. It’s a 36 hour drive which is a little intense. A few guys next to me were aso thinking about doing it since it would be cheaper than flying.

But after looking on Craigslist and other sites, it looks like Super Bowl tickets are already going for $2,000 a piece. A little high for me…

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Merry Christmas Everyone

It’s actually Christmas Eve, but I thought I would go ahead and send a Merry Christmas out to everyone. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and spends some time with their family and friends. It’s crazy how fast this month (and year) went by. It seems like not that long ago I was […]

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7 Days Left Of The Mustache

Hey everyone, I just wanted to do another update on my mustache growth. If you have no idea of what I am talking about, check out my post about growing a mustache for charity.

Here’s A Picture

I thought I would share a picture of what I currently look like so that everyone can feel the pain I have been going through to help raise some money. It’s not easy having a mustache…

My Mustache After 3 Weeks

As you can see, I look pretty creepy. I even started drinking Schlitz beer since it feels so right…

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