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Mustaches For Kids in Phoenix

Today I have some big news. I mentioned last Thursday that I started growing a mustache and now is the time to explain it. That’s right, from last Thursday until December 18th, I will by growing what will no doubt be a creepy looking mustache. It’s only been five days and it already looks creepy…

Why The Mustache?

The holiday season is here and there is no better way to start it off than by giving to those in need. Therefore, I decided to join Mustaches for Kids to help support schools around the Phoenix area. Schools are in need of money to provide students with the education experiences they deserve. By giving a donation, you help us fund one of the projects that we have selected to raise money for.

In order to justify this endeavor I need your support. I am asking for you to sponsor my mustache by making a contribution to for $1 per day of my mustache growth (or a one time donation of your choosing). This donation will go directly to local low-income classroom projects here in Phoenix.

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What I learned From Not Spending Money

My experiment to not spend money for 7 days has officially come to an end today. And guess what, I made it! It was not easy, but it was totally worth it. It made me realize a few things that I wanted to share.

The Things We Take For Granted

When you do not have any money to spend, you quickly realize the things we take for granted. I can’t believe how much I missed going out to the bar and eating once in awhile. I also missed buying the little things like beer and soda when I ran out. Things like this we consider small in our everyday lives, but when we don’t have this option they feel a lot bigger. I felt like I was missing out on a lot of things.

The Things We Forget

However, not spending money also makes us realize the things we already have and enjoy doing. For example, not renting movies made me realize how many movies I already own that I haven’t looked at in ages. It’s easy to overlook our belongings when it is so easy to go out and get new things all the time.

I also realized how many free things there are to do. Going for walks, rollerblading, and hanging out at the park are just a few. Taking pictures and hiking were two other things I enjoyed doing during the 7 days.

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Day 7: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Day 7… phew! I can’t believe I actually made it. It has been a long and tough journey but the end is almost here. I now have less than 24 hours to go until I can call this experiment a success.

Almost Failed Today…

My girlfriend dragged me to the grocery store this morning so she could pick up some eggs and we had to walk past the beer section while there. As it turns out, we only had 1 beer in the fridge and I had two games to watch. I tried to hint to her that we needed beer, but she caught on and told me no. I was really tempted to just spend the 13 bucks so I could watch the game and drink some beer. I figure I’ve already suffered enough. Instead of going to the bar and watching Sunday football, I’m stuck at home watching it on our 13 inch TV with rabbit ears.

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Day 6: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Day 6 is here and I have some news to share from last night. I managed to make it through the night without spending any money and had a great time at the show. Here is how it went:

The Doug Stanhope Show

The show was awesome and one of the best I have seen. It started out with a local comedian that lives here in Tempe. Following him, one of Doug’s completely shitfaced friends took the stage and then it got interesting. The crowd turned on him half way through his skit and there was no way he could of gotten them back on his side.

After listening to that guy get booed for awhile, Doug Stanhope finally came out and the crowd did a complete 180. Doug’s show was awesome and I never stopped laughing. It was definitely explicit which is what made the show so damm funny.

During the show, my girlfriend bought me 2 rum and cokes. I wasn’t going to sit there and make her drink by herself so I gratefully accepted :). Even if I would have bought the drinks, it would of been a lot less than I spend at the bar on other occasions.

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Day 5: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Friday is finally upon us, which means it is officially day 5 of my experiment to not spend any money for 7 days. So far, I am still going strong. However, some rough times are ahead going into tonight.

Dough Stanhope Tonight

Tonight at 7 I am going with my girlfriend to see my favorite comedian, Doug Stanhope. If you have never heard of him, check out a short clip of his act over at We Demand Videos. He is a little edgy when it comes to the stuff he says, which I why I love his act.

The hardest part is going to be not spending any money on drinks. They might have a two drink minimum which is going to make it difficult. I am going to try and pull the designated driver card and see if I can get some soda for free. Then I can bust out my handy hip flask and dump some Sailor Jerry’s rum in it. Otherwise I plan to just drink a little before hand and then go.

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Day 4: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Well everyone, Day 4 of my experiment to not spend a dime has come. It is getting a little harder as the week rolls on, especially since Thursday night is almost here. But I am convinced that I can pull this off somehow, I just need to stick with it.

The Urge To Spend

I wrote yesterday about having an urge to go spend money on anything. Luckily, that feeling has passed now and I have not had any urges since. I have actually grown to like the idea of saving money. I keep coming up with little things to do to help keep my mind off of it. Here are some of the things I have done today:

Whipped Out The Rollerblades

I felt like I was going a little crazy this morning, so I decided to get outside and enjoy the weather. I busted out my sweet rollerblades and took a nice ride around the town. It felt great to get outside and see people instead of looking out the window.

It reminded me how much I enjoy the little things like going for walks and rollerblading. These things are easy to forget about when you are too busy spending money on random things like going to the movies.

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