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Day 2: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

It’s officially been over 24 hours since I kicked off my experiment to go 7 Days Without Spending A Dime. So far, it’s been rather easy. I haven’t had any real needs as far as buying things so it has not bothered me at all yet. I normally do not leave the house much on the weekdays so the weekend is going to be the tough part.

Anyways, after receiving a few comments yesterday, I wanted to clarify where I got this idea from. This entire experiment was based off of the article “The Agony of Seven Days Without Spending” which was found on In it, the author wrote about what it was like to go seven days without spending any money. However, I thought it was a very lame attempt at the experiment.


Starting the first day of the article, the author had already started begging others for money and promised to pay them back. This makes the experiment way less interesting in my opinion. He even eats out one day and has his friend pick up the tab. This voids the experiment if you ask me.

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7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Something that I feel has been missing from Life of Justin is a life experiments category. What do I mean by life experiments? Well, trying various things that people have always mentioned doing.

For example, Steve Pavlina once did an experiment where he tried the idea of sleeping every 20 minutes to cut back on the amount of time wasted sleeping. He also tried switching to a raw food diet and then shared the entire experiment on his blog.

I have always wanted to try some various things like this and put some rumors to test. Therefore, I have decided to give my first experiment a try.

Living For 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

First let me clarify exactly what this means. I know it is pretty much impossible to not spend any money at all. Therefore this does not include basic monthly expenses such as rent, water, groceries (only allowed to buy them this morning), internet, cell phone, or any other fixed cost. This strictly means no out of the pocket purchases of any kind. No rented movies, eating out, or going to the bar.

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