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Day 5: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Friday is finally upon us, which means it is officially day 5 of my experiment to not spend any money for 7 days. So far, I am still going strong. However, some rough times are ahead going into tonight.

Dough Stanhope Tonight

Tonight at 7 I am going with my girlfriend to see my favorite comedian, Doug Stanhope. If you have never heard of him, check out a short clip of his act over at We Demand Videos. He is a little edgy when it comes to the stuff he says, which I why I love his act.

The hardest part is going to be not spending any money on drinks. They might have a two drink minimum which is going to make it difficult. I am going to try and pull the designated driver card and see if I can get some soda for free. Then I can bust out my handy hip flask and dump some Sailor Jerry’s rum in it. Otherwise I plan to just drink a little before hand and then go.

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Day 4: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Well everyone, Day 4 of my experiment to not spend a dime has come. It is getting a little harder as the week rolls on, especially since Thursday night is almost here. But I am convinced that I can pull this off somehow, I just need to stick with it.

The Urge To Spend

I wrote yesterday about having an urge to go spend money on anything. Luckily, that feeling has passed now and I have not had any urges since. I have actually grown to like the idea of saving money. I keep coming up with little things to do to help keep my mind off of it. Here are some of the things I have done today:

Whipped Out The Rollerblades

I felt like I was going a little crazy this morning, so I decided to get outside and enjoy the weather. I busted out my sweet rollerblades and took a nice ride around the town. It felt great to get outside and see people instead of looking out the window.

It reminded me how much I enjoy the little things like going for walks and rollerblading. These things are easy to forget about when you are too busy spending money on random things like going to the movies.

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Day 3: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Day 3 of my experiment is already here. So far, it has been fairly easy to not spend any money. However, I have had to make a few changes in my daily routines. Here is what has been different so far:

Going Out On Tuesdays

I normally go out on Tuesdays for some wings and beer and a local bar. However, I passed it up last night for the experiment. What I realized is that I didn’t even miss it that much and saved like 25 dollars. That’s 100 dollars a month in savings by not going out one day a week.

Instead, I ate dinner at home and made a good ol’ Sailor Jerry and coke. I had just as much fun sitting at home than I would of at the bar.

Renting Movies From Blockbuster

Another thing I tend to do is rent movies from Blockbuster. For some reason I have been on a renting movie kick the last few weeks and it is expensive. A new release is like 5 dollars and 3 a week is another 120 dollars a month. A big waste of money if you ask me.

Instead, I have started to watch some of my own movies that I forgot about. I normally work on my computer while I am watching them so it really doesn’t matter which one I am watching. If I want to watch a new release, I watch it from a different “source.” :)

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Day 2: 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

It’s officially been over 24 hours since I kicked off my experiment to go 7 Days Without Spending A Dime. So far, it’s been rather easy. I haven’t had any real needs as far as buying things so it has not bothered me at all yet. I normally do not leave the house much on the weekdays so the weekend is going to be the tough part.

Anyways, after receiving a few comments yesterday, I wanted to clarify where I got this idea from. This entire experiment was based off of the article “The Agony of Seven Days Without Spending” which was found on In it, the author wrote about what it was like to go seven days without spending any money. However, I thought it was a very lame attempt at the experiment.


Starting the first day of the article, the author had already started begging others for money and promised to pay them back. This makes the experiment way less interesting in my opinion. He even eats out one day and has his friend pick up the tab. This voids the experiment if you ask me.

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7 Days Without Spending A Dime

Something that I feel has been missing from Life of Justin is a life experiments category. What do I mean by life experiments? Well, trying various things that people have always mentioned doing.

For example, Steve Pavlina once did an experiment where he tried the idea of sleeping every 20 minutes to cut back on the amount of time wasted sleeping. He also tried switching to a raw food diet and then shared the entire experiment on his blog.

I have always wanted to try some various things like this and put some rumors to test. Therefore, I have decided to give my first experiment a try.

Living For 7 Days Without Spending A Dime

First let me clarify exactly what this means. I know it is pretty much impossible to not spend any money at all. Therefore this does not include basic monthly expenses such as rent, water, groceries (only allowed to buy them this morning), internet, cell phone, or any other fixed cost. This strictly means no out of the pocket purchases of any kind. No rented movies, eating out, or going to the bar.

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7 Ways To Save Money

If you haven’t noticed from this blog, I travel as much as I possibly can. I enjoy seeing new things and learning more about the world. However, a lot of coworkers and friends always ask me this question:

How Do You Afford To Travel So Much?

So to answer that question, I bring you 7 Ways To Save Money:

1. Ditch The Cable

The first thing I did to save money is ditch the cable package. I would recommend it to everyone because who really needs it. Some packages cost upwards of 100 dollars a month, which is a pretty big chunk of money.

I have been living happily without cable television for almost 2 months now, and I do not even miss it. I have an antenna that allows me to get the free public channels like ABC and CBS. What I noticed is that a majority of the shows I used to watch, were on these channels anyway.

Monthly Savings: $80

2. Use Public Transportation

I used to drive to work everyday, using up a good portion of gas on my 30 mile round trip. Over a course of a month, I would sometimes go through three gas tanks, which easily added up to over $150 a month in gas.

The solution is to start utilizing the public transportation system. I found out that my company offered a bus pass for only 30 dollars a month. So don’t forget to ask your employer if they have any sort of discounts. Taking the bus also allowed me to return my parking permit, which was costing me over $950 a year. Talk about some big savings.

What is even better, is if you can get by without a car. I am currently in the process of selling my car, which can easily save me another $350 in car payments, along with $100 a month in car insurance.

Monthly Savings: $200+

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