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How to Have A Kick Ass 2010

I’m a firm believer of setting realistic goals. However, I’m also a big thinker who feels that no one should ever sell themselves short. You should never set a goal for yourself that is too easy to accomplish.

Instead, constantly push yourself as hard as possible. Why? Because pushing yourself makes you a stronger person. And who doesn’t want to be a stronger person?

So here’s a thought: why not set a goal of making this year the best year of your life? Can you think of a single reason why it shouldn’t be? I can’t.

So how can you make this year an amazing one? Start by doing some the following things. You don’t have to do them all, but give a few of them a shot and see how they work out for you.

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Where Is Your Blog Going?

One of the toughest obstacles I have had in my blogging journey is trying to pick a direction. It’s really difficult to decide on a path and stick to it. When I first started blogging, it was more of a diary where I shared my stories, drunken adventures, and cubicle rants. Since then, my blog […]

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One Last Look At My 2008 Goals

Believe it or not, 2009 is just around the corner. So I thought I would take a little time and take another look at the list of goals I had for 2008. If you missed it, check out my goal list from a few months back.

Four Goals Remaining

After crossing off a lot of the goals, I still had four remaining. Luckily, I have since crossed some of them off. Here are some details:

Give More Back

I wanted to find a way to give more back and help people out. I managed to do this by growing a mustache for a month. I helped over a thousand students here in Phoenix and it felt great.

Work For Myself

Since I last wrote about my goals, I have managed to take the plunge and quit the office job I hated. I have not looked back since and have been working as hard as I can to make a living on my own. Through blogging and freelance work I have managed to make it so far.

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Time To Attempt Some Guinness Records

As mention yesterday, I have decided to take a few shots at breaking some Guinness Records. I figured it would be a great way to come up with some new YouTube videos to share. Plus I have a feeling they will be pretty damn entertaining, especially if I fail miserably. Even if I fail at all of them, at least I can say I tried, haha.

So after some investigating, it appears I have two different options I can try and do. Here they are:

1. Break An Old Record

The most commonly attempted records are those that already exists. People constantly try and break old records in hope of getting in the book. I went to the bookstore the other day and did a quick glance at some of the current records in the book. Here was a few that stuck out:

  • Peel and eat a lemon in 10 seconds
  • Peel and eat 3 bananas in one minute
  • Fastest mile sack racing: 16mins 41secs
  • Time to hop on one leg on a treadmill at a constant speed of 6.5 km/h (4.7 mph): 2 min 17 sec

I think all of these records are worthy of an attempt. Who knows, I might even find a way to break one of them. I will keep an eye out for some other records that might be possible. If you know of any records that you might think I should try, please feel free to mention them in a comment.

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A Look Back At My Goals for 2008

Back in February, I made a post titled 10 Unusual Goals for 2008. The post contained ten things that I wanted to accomplish this year. After looking back at it, I wanted to make some updates and cross some things off.

So here they are:

Blog My Life

This is my favorite goal on the list, and I can honestly say I have succeeded at it.

Be On a Television Show

This isn’t something I really care about anymore, but I did manage to get on a reality television show here in Phoenix.

Act In A Movie

At this point in life, I am not real concerned about acting in a movie. It would be great, but it can wait. Therefore it’s getting crossed off.

Make Boatloads Of Money

In the beginning of the year, I wanted nothing more than to make tons of money. However, I have since realized that money is not what I am after. I even made a list of things that make me happy besides money. Therefore, this goal is gone, poof.

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