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Mmm Tabasco Habanero Sauce…

So the other day, I happened to find some Tabasco habanero sauce on clearance (I wonder why?). So of course, I grabbed a bottle of it since I have been addicted to spicy foods for the last 5 months or so. My first impression is that this stuff burns. I put a few dabs on my tongue and immediately noticed the difference between it and regular Tabasco sauce. It’s awesome.

Then I Got To Thinking…

I wonder what a habanero pepper tastes like? It’s considered one of the hottest peppers in the world so it must be pretty damn hot. I hopped on over to YouTube and took a look at some videos of people eating them. Which brings us to this video:

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Best Job In The World

If you haven’t seen this yet, you have to check it out. An Australian state is offering one of the coolest jobs ever. Not only does it pay $105,000, but it also includes free airfare and rent! Here is a link to the news article.

So What Is The Job?

From the looks of it, the main job responsibility is to just “hang out.” For 6 months, the person gets to surf, snorkel, and have all the fun they want down under. The main task is to report to the world via photos, blogs, and other forms of media. Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

I think I am a great candidate for the position. I can surf, snorkel, and stroll the beach with the best of them. Throw in my badass blogging skills and they can’t pass me up. Haha

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I’m A Rocketing Rabbit

I was just catching up on my feeds this morning and came across Adam Pieniazek’s post about testing your reaction time. He found an awesome game where you have to tranquilize sheep as quickly as possible. You can check it out here.

Warning…It’s A Little Addictive

The game is damn addicting and I didn’t stop until I beat Adam’s score…sorry Adam :). I wasn’t able to get to the Cheetah level but I settled as a rocketing rabbit. I have better things to do, lol. Here is a screen shot I snapped of my best score:

Give It A Shot

See what your reaction times are like.

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7 Things I Learned About Mustaches

It’s official, I had the awesomest mustache of all last night! And we managed to raise $875 for schools here in phoenix. Not bad. Now it’s time to reflect and get rid of this fricken thing.

So here is what I learned from having a mustache:

1. Chicks Don’t Dig Them

This had be the first thing on the list. From the time I started growing my mustache, I could tell my girlfriends attraction to me was plummeting. Even girls in the store looked at my weird, probably because I looked like their dad or some random pedophile…

2. They Look/Feel Creepy

The thing that annoyed me the most, was feeling creep everywhere I went. Just walking around Wal-Mart looking at the toys section made me feel weird. Probably because old guys with mustaches don’t belong near children…

Even going out to the bar was less fun. I could tell people were looking at me and judging me on the fact that my mustache kicked ass. They no longer judged me as a person.

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A Look At My Mustache

Well everyone, I promised an update this week on my mustache. So here is a video I put together (not sure why the quality sucks?):

If you haven’t yet, please head over to the donation page and make a donation. It would help us out a lot! Even a few dollars from a few people can add up quickly.

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Time To Attempt Some Guinness Records

As mention yesterday, I have decided to take a few shots at breaking some Guinness Records. I figured it would be a great way to come up with some new YouTube videos to share. Plus I have a feeling they will be pretty damn entertaining, especially if I fail miserably. Even if I fail at all of them, at least I can say I tried, haha.

So after some investigating, it appears I have two different options I can try and do. Here they are:

1. Break An Old Record

The most commonly attempted records are those that already exists. People constantly try and break old records in hope of getting in the book. I went to the bookstore the other day and did a quick glance at some of the current records in the book. Here was a few that stuck out:

  • Peel and eat a lemon in 10 seconds
  • Peel and eat 3 bananas in one minute
  • Fastest mile sack racing: 16mins 41secs
  • Time to hop on one leg on a treadmill at a constant speed of 6.5 km/h (4.7 mph): 2 min 17 sec

I think all of these records are worthy of an attempt. Who knows, I might even find a way to break one of them. I will keep an eye out for some other records that might be possible. If you know of any records that you might think I should try, please feel free to mention them in a comment.

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