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Please Use Your Turn Signal

I am starting to agree that Arizona has some of the worst drivers I have ever seen. Everyday I see things that just make me go “wow.” Every time I get in my car, I almost get hit or honked at for doing absolutely nothing. It makes me glad to be a proud owner of some pretty sweet rollerblades…

Anyways, on the way home from Target I came to the stop sign only to see this:

A Car Sharing Lanes…

Which Way Are They Going?

It may look like one of the turn signals is on, but it wasn’t.

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Alcohol Causes Birth Defects?

Another Wednesday is once again upon us. Today, I would like to share another sign I found while hanging out in Flagstaff. The first one was a shoplifting sign, which was a little um…unusual. This one is an Alcohol warning about it causing birth defects.

Of course I have seen this warning before, mostly on liquor bottles and beer cans. But I have never seen it on a door in a hotel room. And it wasn’t just on the main door, but ALL of them. One on the bathroom, another on the main door, and two more on the suite room doors. Here is a close up of the sign:

Alocohol Warning?

Alcohol Warning on Hotel Door

Sorta weird huh?

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Why You Should Never Shoplift…

While shopping in Flagstaff yesterday, I came across a shoplifting sign a little different than ones I have seen in other stores. It really doesn’t need much explanation to be effective. Just a warning, if your a kid reading this post it might not be for you.

So here is the sign:

Pretty straight forward if you ask me.

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Introducing My New Ride

Now that I am going to be quitting my job, I really need to focus on cutting back on the unnecessary expenses. Owning a vehicle and filling it with gas is easily the biggest expense I have outside of my rent. Therefore, my car (Buy it!) is up for sale and I have found a new means of transportation.

It’s not the bus, nor is it a bicycle. It’s…

You got that right, roller blades!

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My 25 Seconds of Radio Fame

I Plugged My YouTube Video on the Radio

Last night on the way home from work I was listening to KSLX 100.7. It’s a classic rock station here in Phoenix. Anyways, the guy was talking about his brother-in-law sandbagging it at his job in hopes of getting fired to collect unemployment. I thought it was hilarious since I have contemplated the same thing for some time now. He then asked the question:

Is Anyone Else Out There Tying to Get Fired?

And that’s when it hit me. The perfect opportunity to call in and try and get on the radio. I tried calling about 5 times and got nothing but a ringing phone. Luckily, on the 6th try the guy answered and asked what I have been doing to get fired.

Where Do I Start?

I told him I have been trying to get fired since I started my job in December. I had even written some blog posts about it, including the 5 things I have tried to get fired post. And let’s not forget the Personal Evaluation I posted.

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