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My 25 Seconds of Radio Fame

I Plugged My YouTube Video on the Radio

Last night on the way home from work I was listening to KSLX 100.7. It’s a classic rock station here in Phoenix. Anyways, the guy was talking about his brother-in-law sandbagging it at his job in hopes of getting fired to collect unemployment. I thought it was hilarious since I have contemplated the same thing for some time now. He then asked the question:

Is Anyone Else Out There Tying to Get Fired?

And that’s when it hit me. The perfect opportunity to call in and try and get on the radio. I tried calling about 5 times and got nothing but a ringing phone. Luckily, on the 6th try the guy answered and asked what I have been doing to get fired.

Where Do I Start?

I told him I have been trying to get fired since I started my job in December. I had even written some blog posts about it, including the 5 things I have tried to get fired post. And let’s not forget the Personal Evaluation I posted.

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Pulling Off the Moonwalk at Church

The Sweetest Church Dance Moves Ever My girlfriend is an avid reader of, a blog that covers celebrity news and what not. Anyways, she shared a video with me that was mentioned there and I thought I would share if with everyone. The video is from The Way International Church, which is apparently located […]

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My Hometown Makes The Associated Press

Clintonville Made The News…For Dog Poop It is not often I make more than one post in a day, but somethings just need to be pointed out. My girlfriend sent me a link today to AZ Central, the main news site here in Arizona. The article was about a small town in Wisconsin and what […]

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Another Reason to Avoid Walmart

So I was checking out at my neighborhood Walmart last night (rarely step foot in there) when I saw these Ice Breakers on rollback:

The sign said 2 for 3 bucks, which makes it sound like a great deal. The funny thing is, I specifically remember buying some of these about 3 months ago for $1.50, not $1.67. So I did some investigating and looked under the rollback sticker, only to see this:

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It’s Time To Release A Sex Tape

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity Baby…

This blog’s popularity has not been increasing like I had hoped it would. It is really hard to stay on top of the blogosphere and compete with so many other good blogs. Content is crucial, and it is very hard to come up with great content day in and day out. So I did a lot of thinking last night and realized I really only have one solution.

To Release A Sex Tape

You read that right! I have decided to release a sex tape, sort of like celebrities do. It seems whenever this happens, their popularity shoots through the roof.

Look what happened to Paris? As soon as that tape came out, people were googling away like it was the last day left on Earth. That is the type of publicity Life of Justin needs to become popular.

So by releasing my own video, I hope to skyrocket my traffic, create tons of backlinks, and end up on every entertainment Television show. I know it is a lot to ask, but it is worth a shot. Even if it brightens someones day, at least I can feel like I made a difference.

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Schmuck…That’s Right!

Once again, it’s time for another WWWTP Thursday! So here you have it:

What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Schmuch - That's Right - Tempe

If you live anywhere near Tempe, you have probably seen a throusand of these by now. They are litteraly on every single corner of every single block. I’m pretty much waiting for the election to get over so I don’t have to look at them anymore. Anyways, here are a few things that strike me as wrong in this photo:

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