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The Power Of A Notebook

If I were to tell you about a cutting edge tool that will make your blog (and life) better, you would probably want to learn more about it. Am I right? I thought so. However, if I told you that this cutting edge tool was a notebook, you would probably call me crazy. That’s right, a plain ol’ spiral notebook with real paper in it.

It’s true that of all the tools I have utilized in my life, nothing has been more beneficial than a notebook. It’s the once place I can write down whatever I want, whenever I want. I constantly write down thoughts and ideas that I want to remember later on.

Carrying around a notebook started as an experiment but I have now made it a habit to take a notebook with me everywhere I go. Especially when traveling.

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Search Craigslist Like A Madman

I’ll admit it, I spend a TON of time on Craigslist. Just yesterday, I managed to sell my old iPhone and a computer desk. However, the most time consuming part is searching for gigs and temporary jobs. Since location doesn’t really matter when dealing with freelance web work, I usually search all of the big cities since they are more likely to have new posts.

The thing that sucks is manually going between all the cities and searching. Half the time I forget which city I am in and do the same searches over and over again. It can take a lot of time, especially if you are looking for a lot of jobs and gigs.


I managed to find a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. It lets you do a search in multiple cities and then returns the results in separate frames. It definitely cuts back on the time I spend.

Here is a quick screen capture of what it looks like when I search Phoenix and Tuscon at the same time:

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The Key To Being Productive

Calling In Sick For Work

Now that I have given my resignation notice at work, I feel the need to use up some sick time. So I called in today so I could get some things done. It really is amazing what I can accomplish in one day if I stay home from work.

Seriously, so far today I have:

  • Cleaned the apartment
  • Finished doing laundry
  • Took out the garbage
  • Signed up for internet service (more to come tomorrow)
  • Bought a wireless router
  • Finished my banner image so it now rotates again
  • Finished tweaking my template (homepage stuff)
  • Read all of the updates in my feed reader
  • Installed software on my MacBook
  • Signed up for a few new websites

It sure feels more productive than a typical day at work, where all I do is sit there and pretend to be busy when really I am not.

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Introducing the Four Day Work Week

I was reading around today and came across an article about Utah state jobs. It appears that they are moving to a 4 day work week for many state workers to save money on energy costs. By shutting down the buildings on Friday, they can reduce the costs by 1/5th but still be just as […]

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