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13 Reasons To Follow Me on Twitter

Lately I have been getting a lot more in to Twitter. Or maybe I am just that much more bored at work and need something new to waste time on. Anyways, I like how easy it is to use and really makes staying in touch a lot easier. So, I decided to come up with a short list on why you should follow me:

1. The sheer randomness of my tweets.

Yes, there about as random as the posts on this blog. But hey, it makes life interesting.

2. It lets you know where in the world I am (I travel a lot)

Life of Justin has a lot to do with my adventures, so I tweet as much as I can while I am on the road.

3. Because I’m hilarious and you like to laugh

At least I try to be. You could always laugh at the fact that I actually thing of myself as being hilarious.

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Facebook Slapped Me On The Wrist

Facebook is mad at me, or so it seems. I think they want me to take a timeout… It seems that Facebook likes to put limitations on certain things. Earlier this week, I was accepting a few friend requests and requested a few friends when I received the “strike 1″ red alert message. It basically […]

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Is Web 3.0 Just Around the Corner?

As I was surfing the internet this morning, I stumbled upon an article written by Tony Dokoupil over at The title of the article was “Revenge of the Experts” and it was looking at the trends that seem to be happening on the internet lately. Tony starts by saying:”By any name, the current incarnation […]

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Make Money From Social Networking

I created as a way of broadcasting my life to everyone on the internet. Social networking is a hobby I enjoy doing along with web design. I also enjoy writing, photography, and creating videos. So I thought, why not try and make a living doing this? I have always used other social networking sites […]

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