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Dear Time Warner

My internet is sick and needs help badly… My Story About three weeks ago, I signed up for your Time Warner Road Runner service. I then scheduled the first installation appointment I could so I could get my internet running as quickly as possible. Luckily, that all went pretty smoothly. However, it’s only been a […]

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An Exercise App For The iPhone

fitnio-iphoneLately I’ve been spending a lot more time working out. Mainly because I love being in shape and it’s free if you do it outside. So I decided that I am going to start training for a triathlon that is coming up in September (hopefully I stick to it). So I started doing some investigating trying to find a decent pedometer or heart rate monitor for a low price but found that they are all fairly expensive.

But then I started thinking…there has to be something for the iPhone that can do the same thing. Luckily, there is!

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Tools For The Digital Nomad

Becoming a digital nomad took a lot of time, research, and planning to get right. There are so many tools, software packages, and gadgets available that it can be overwhelming to find the best ones. I often get emails about what software I recommend for various things like invoicing, accounting, and so on. I usually […]

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The Perfect Tool For Online Storage

When it comes to being a digital nomad, the most important thing of all is finding a way to keep everything available on the road. That’s why it is crucial to have a way to access your files, even when you don’t have your own computer along. I have been searching for a tool to […]

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5 Things I Learned While Buying A New TV

If you still don’t have digital cable, you probably have seen the big analog symbol at the top of your TV. They constantly remind us about getting a converter box. However, my girlfriend and I decided it would be better to just by a new TV. So we went out looking this weekend and ended up buying an LCD TV (I’ll review it later this week).

Anyways, here are a few things I learned from the whole experience:

1. Best Buy Employees Are Annoying

In my opinion, Best Buy has gotten even worse than it used to be about their employees constantly asking you if you need help. Maybe they are trying even harder now that Circuit City is gone…who knows.

Yesterday, I managed to get 6 or 7 employees to come by me and ask if I wanted some help with something. And this happened in less than 20 minutes and I only looked at one section of the store. So all of the employees came to me.

If that wasn’t enough, I even managed to get two Best Buy/DirectTV employees to come over and offer me some information on their new “pilot” program. Luckily, I lost them at “neither” when they asked if I had Satellite or Cable.

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Kodak Zi6 Review

If you missed yesterday’s post about riding my bike, I posted a video using my new digital video camera. I wanted to see how well the quality was when uploading to YouTube. Anyways, as promised I am doing a review of the camera today.

The camera is a Kodak Zi6, which I picked up at Wal-mart for $170. I wanted something that could shoot good quality videos yet still be small enough to take with me where ever I go. Which is why I decided on the Kodak camera instead of a more expensive video camera.

The Size And Weight

Like I mentioned above, the Kodak Zi6 is small enough to fit in my pocket. I can even hold it in my hand and record while I am riding my bike. Here is a picture of the camera next to my Apple iPhone:

As you can see, it’s basically the same size as my iPhone. It’s a little thicker but that is not a problem.

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