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A Day In San Antonio, Texas

After spending three nights in Austin, it was off to San Antonio. My girlfriend and I decided to spend one night there since it was sort of on the way home. Plus I thought it would be kind of cool to see another city that I have never been too.

The River Walk

By far the coolest part of San Antonio is the River Walk. It’s a bunch of restaurants, bars, and shops right along the river. It was much different than I was expecting. Here is a picture looking down the River Walk:

DSC_0193A view of the River Walk

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5 Reasons Why I’m Moving To Austin

As I mentioned yesterday, today’s post is devoted to the 5 reasons why I have decided to move to Austin. I loved the city and wanted to point out some of my favorite things I saw while I was there for my 3 day stay.

1. The Live Music

People are not lying when they say Austin is the live music capital of the world. I was amazed at how many different places feature live music, even on the weekdays! There are a ton of music venues to go to shows at as well as the bars. A majority of the bars on 6th street all had a live band, especially on Thursday and Friday night.

It was awesome to catch a few bands while we were there, as Phoenix does not have much for live music. I really look forward to going back to catch some more live shows.

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A Look At Austin, Texas

Now that I am rested up and ready to start out the week, I thought I would go back and recap my vacation. Austin has always been a place I wanted to visit and I managed to see just about everything I wanted to see while I was there.

First Impression

When first arriving in Austin, I was pretty excited. It was nice to see grass and trees again, instead of the usual cacti and dirt. It reminded me a lot of Wisconsin, except it was 68 degrees outside in the winter. I would say that Madison, Wisconsin and Austin are very much alike in just about every aspect. A large college, the capital building, and water nearby. Very cool!

Downtown Austin

My favorite part about Austin was the downtown area. It felt much more like a big city than Phoenix. There are more tall buildings and people walking around than downtown Phoenix. It actually has some life to it.

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Heading To Austin Tonight

Well everyone, it’s time for another road trip. This time my girlfriend and I are heading to Texas to check out Austin and San Antonio. I have always wanted to visit Austin and am planning to move there in June (if we like it). We plan on leaving tonight around 8:30 since it is a […]

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Lake Powell and Page, Arizona

After hanging out in Monument Valley, it was time to head to Page, Arizona to call it a night. The entire drive to Page consisted of 50 MPH winds and tumbleweeds blowing across the road. Not exactly the best driving conditions…

A View Of Lake Powell

Once I arrived in Page, the first thing on the to do list was to find a view of Lake Powell. Luckily, there were a few spots to see the lake from. The only downside was it was cloudy and windy so taking pictures was tough. Here is the best picture I took:

Lake Powell, AZ

View of Lake Powell

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Monument Valley, Arizona

This past weekend I was lucky enough to take another road trip. This time it was to northern Arizona to see Monument Valley. This was one of the last places I had left to see in the state of Arizona.

Monument Valley, Arizona

View of Monument Valley

A Cool Place To See

As you can see, the place is awesome. It is one of the coolest places I have seen because it is so different looking. The land is flat all around and the rocks just stick up out of the ground. It sort of comes up out of no where as your driving towards the Utah state border.

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The Peralta Trail

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Now, time to share another hiking experience. I recently did one of the most popular hikes in the Superstition Wilderness known as the Peralta Trail. It’s located here in Arizona east of Phoenix. I thought I would share it with everyone since it was a lot of fun.

Starting Off At The Trailhead

The reviews I read of this trail were not lying when they said this trail is used often. There were quite a few cars in the parking lot along with a lot of people. Anyways, the start of the trail was relatively flat. It reminded me a lot of South Mountain which I have hiked a few times. The trail follows along the canyon bottom for more than a mile and then starts to get a little steeper. Eventually, you start to hit some switchbacks and the scenery gets a little more interesting.

The Freemont Saddle

After hiking about 2.5 miles, you reach the Freemont Saddle. This is where most hikers turn around and make their descent back down to the parking lot. It’s a great place to have a picnic if you decide to bring along some food. I brought along some granola bars and a turkey sandwich and was thankful for it. I was starving by the time I got to the saddle.

The view from the saddle is amazing. Here is a picture looking south from the saddle:


View from Saddle

Weaver’s Needle

That isn’t the only nice view from the saddle. Looking north, you can see Weaver’s Needle. A 1,000 ft. high rock column that is awesome looking.

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