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ROT Motorcycle Rally

This past weekend was the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally. It’s the largest bike rally in the state of Texas and it’s not hard to tell. I could not believe how many bikers were around. There were tons of things going on including a Robbie Knieval jump near the capital building, midget wrestling, and a […]

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Austin Tweetups

Since I’ve moved to Austin, I’ve been trying my hardest to attend every event related to social media, blogging, and business in general. I even started a Beer and Blog Austin chapter I’m hoping to kick off soon. Of all the events so far, tweetups have become one of my favorite ways to meet new […]

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The Austonian Is Rising

Since I was little kid, I’ve always been interested in skyscrapers and skylines. There is something about tall buildings that just makes me think “awesome” when I see them. I love seeing skylines and I have had the pleasure of seeing many of them from Chicago to Los Angeles. Anyways, the skyline here in Austin […]

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