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“Johnny 6 Strings” Plays Us a Song

Last night I ended up partying with a friend on Mill Ave. and we ended up talking to a homeless guy. He went by the name Johnny 6 Strings because he was playing his guitar. He had one of the most interesting stories I have ever heard. I asked him how many states he had […]

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Border Jumping in San Diego

Well today is my final post summing up my road trip to California. Monday I talked about the Pros and Cons of staying in hostels and yesterday I summed up my experience at USC. Today, I want to conclude the trip with my experience in San Diego. The drive to San Diego from Los Angeles […]

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Hostels: The Pros and Cons

The weekend out in California was one hell of an adventure. Drinking beer in the Parking Lot at USC, sleeping in the hostel, and jumping in the Pacific down in San Diego were just a few of the events. I have decided I will break down the trip into a few separate posts throughout this […]

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