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So Long Texas Shaped Pool

While living in Phoenix, I looked up our apartment complex here in Austin to get a good idea of where it was. To my surprise, I came across this in Google Maps: Not sure what you are looking at? It’s a kickass pool shaped like the state of Texas. I was jacked to see this […]

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The Congress Bridge Bats

I never would of expected that Austin is the home of the largest urban bat colony in the United States. It turns out there are around 1.5 million bats that call the Congress Avenue bridge home from March until November. I just so happen to live right next to the bridge so they fly over our apartment complex every night.

Flight of the Bats

Here’s a video of the bats coming out at around 8:15 PM:

Near My Apartment

Here’s another video of the bats flying in streaks right near my apartment complex.

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Austin Tweetups

Since I’ve moved to Austin, I’ve been trying my hardest to attend every event related to social media, blogging, and business in general. I even started a Beer and Blog Austin chapter I’m hoping to kick off soon. Of all the events so far, tweetups have become one of my favorite ways to meet new […]

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The Austonian Is Rising

Since I was little kid, I’ve always been interested in skyscrapers and skylines. There is something about tall buildings that just makes me think “awesome” when I see them. I love seeing skylines and I have had the pleasure of seeing many of them from Chicago to Los Angeles. Anyways, the skyline here in Austin […]

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The Spaghetti Warehouse

As I mentioned earlier this week, my goal is to write a lot of reviews about bars, restaurants, and things to see and do in Austin. So I thought I would keep with it and write a review about The Spaghetti Warehouse, which is where I had dinner last night. Location The Spaghetti Warehouse is […]

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Wine Tasting 101 At House Wine

(Photo by theonetruedevo) Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a Wine Tasting 101 class which was a lot of fun. The class is held every Tuesday at House Wine, which is located at 408 Josephine St. in Austin. It’s located right off of Lamar and Barton Springs. If you’ve never been to House […]

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